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    Swallow Murmuration

    Swallow Murmuration - March 2017

    Photographs of a swallow murmuration, an amazing vortex of 5 million birds that swirls across the sky as the birds prepare to roostRead More

    A Walk Around the Marshall Hampton Reserve

    A Walk Around the Marshall Hampton Reserve - February 2017

    Exploring the Marshall Hampton Reserve: hiking and coots and a singing VireoRead More

    A Scouting Trip to PEAR Park

    A Scouting Trip to PEAR Park - February 2017

    I stopped at PEAR Park last weekend for a birding scouting trip. Sparrows and kestrels and a fog bow, oh my!Read More

    Will Fly For Food: Snail Kites in Apple Snail Paradise!

    Will Fly For Food: Snail Kites in Apple Snail Paradise! - February 2017

    My dad and I discovered Apple Snail Paradise and photographed Snail KitesRead More

    Hooded Mergansers in Melbourne

    Hooded Mergansers in Melbourne - January 2017

    My dad and I came across a small pond full of happy Hooded Mergansers while we were out scouting for a Common Goldeneye.Read More

    Scissor-tailed Flycatcher For My Dad’s Life List

    Scissor-tailed Flycatcher For My Dad’s Life List - January 2017

    My dad and I added Scissor-tailed Flycatcher to his life list. This Scissor-tailed Flycatcher is wintering at the Space Coast Regional Airport.Read More

    My First Male Bufflehead!

    My First Male Bufflehead! - February 2015

    I finally saw a male Bufflehead over Christmas break. His feathers glistened in the sunlight - what a cool bird!Read More

    Father Goose’s Cousin

    Father Goose’s Cousin - February 2015

    I thought Father Goose was unique on Lake Morton, but I found another goose in Orlando that has befriended a family of Muscovy ducklings :)Read More

    Western Kingbird and More

    Western Kingbird and More - February 2015

    I saw my lifer Western Kingbird with my dad on a bird exploration expedition. It was a fun morning!Read More

    Photographing Thousands of Gulls

    Photographing Thousands of Gulls - February 2015

    I went to Daytona Beach Shores to see the thousands of gulls that roost there. Blurs were my favorite way to convey the sheer numbers...Read More

    Birds That Are Not Purple

    Birds That Are Not Purple - February 2015

    Rich and I headed to Daytona for birds and dinner. The Purple Sandpiper eluded us, but we did see some birds that weren't purple!Read More

    Venice Rookery

    Venice Rookery - January 2015

    I drove down to the Venice Rookery in mid-January to check out the nesting Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets. Read More

    More Common Goldeneye

    More Common Goldeneye - January 2015

    The Common Goldeneye is still at the Seminole Towne Center, so I went back to get some more photos. The sun was actually out!Read More

    Hooded Show-Offs

    Hooded Show-Offs - January 2015

    The Hooded Mergansers hanging out with the Common Goldeneye were quite the show-offs. I enjoyed watching their courtship behaviors.Read More

    Lifer Common Goldeneye

    Lifer Common Goldeneye - December 2014

    I saw my lifer Common Goldeneye tonight, at a pond in Sanford. She was hanging out with Hooded Mergansers and gave me a nice wing flap.Read More

    My Mom’s Hummingbird

    My Mom’s Hummingbird - November 2014

    My mom's hummingbird posed for me and my camera, striking a pose on a nice branch and cooperatively sitting on her favorite perch.Read More

    Swallow-tailed Kite Roost

    Swallow-tailed Kite Roost - August 2014

    We visited a Swallow-tailed Kite roost last weekend. The sheer number of birds was amazing! A few of my photos were even in focus :)Read More

    Fun with the Scrub Jays

    Fun with the Scrub Jays - February 2014

    After shooting at Viera Wetlands last weekend, my friend Michael took me to a new place, a Florida Scrub Jay trail.  I don't have a whole lot of experience photographing Scrub Jays.  They are a threatened species, and their habitat is in decline.  I've photographed them at the Scrub Jay Trail at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, and my dad and I tried for them once at Lyonia Preserve, but …Read More

    Snowy Owl in Florida!!!

    Snowy Owl in Florida!!! - January 2014

    I got to photograph a Snowy Owl in Florida! In the most gorgeous sunset golden light - it was incredible!!!Read More

    The Splash of Shamu

    The Splash of Shamu - December 2013

    Rich's folks visited this weekend, and we took them to Sea World.  While I normally photograph wild animals, often inspired by my favorite cats and turtles, I've always had a fascination for dolphins and whales.  My dad and I went to Sea World often when I was growing up, and I used to love the shows with the leaping whales.  Now the trainers aren't allowed in the water with Shamu, …Read More

    Fields of Yellow Flowers Under the Rainbow

    Fields of Yellow Flowers Under the Rainbow - October 2013

    After several years of drooling over my friends' images, I finally made it out to Lake Jesup for the wildflowers this year.  Wow!!!  I found fields of yellow flowers under the rainbow!  It was just amazing! For those not familiar with the area, Lake Jesup is a large lake northeast of Orlando, close to Sanford.  In late September and early October, the fields around the lake erupt into bright yellow …Read More

    Hummingbirds at Butterfly World

    Hummingbirds at Butterfly World - August 2013

    I visited Butterfly World in late May when my hubby Rich and I visited South Florida for a few days to photograph the Burrowing Owls.  I'd been wanting to visit Butterfly World ever since seeing Jamie Felton's incredible image of a butterfly landing on a hummingbird's head.  The place certainly didn't disappoint.  There were hundreds of butterflies swirling all around us.  We got there on a Sunday morning just as …Read More

    Sunset in Jupiter, Florida

    Sunset in Jupiter, Florida - August 2013

    It's been a crazy long week, so I'll pull out some images from our trip to the beach in May.  I sure wish I was there tonight! When Rich and I went to South Florida to visit the Burrowing Owls, we stopped at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center for Rich to get his turtle fix.  That evening, I wanted to walk on the beach and photograph the sunset.  The problem was, …Read More

    A Visit to the Swallow-Tailed Kites on Powerline Road

    A Visit to the Swallow-Tailed Kites on Powerline Road - June 2013

    Every year in the summertime, the people on Birdbrains start talking about the kettles of Swallow-Tailed Kites on Powerline Road in Hernando County.   Last year I really wanted to go and see them, but I didn't.  This year Dyeyo and I decided to drive out there to see what there was to see. We found kites!  Not in the 75+ numbers as described on Birdbrains, but we easily saw …Read More

    My First Time Lapse

    My First Time Lapse - May 2013

    Rich and I just got back from a much-needed get-away over Memorial Day weekend.  The change of pace was great!  I estimate that I'm about 15 posts behind in my blog, so you won't see details of our trip for a week or two.  But here's a teaser… One of the places we visited was a beach where I used to go often as a child.  My grandparents lived nearby …Read More

    Great Horned Owls are Fledging

    Great Horned Owls are Fledging - April 2013

    I've had the privilege of watching several owl nests in the past few weeks, as I first indicating in my recent post about My First Trip to the Oakland Great Horned Owl Nest.  I missed the really cute stage when the birds were tiny babies, and Mom tucked them under her tummy as she sat on their nest.  Now the owlets are starting to fledge.  My dad came with me …Read More

    Newborn Sandhill Crane Baby at Nest

    Newborn Sandhill Crane Baby at Nest - March 2013

    I've been very fortunate over the past week as I had the opportunity to observe a newborn Sandhill Crane baby at his nest.  This nest is in Melbourne, about an hour and a half drive for me.  My friends who live there notified me when the baby was born (thanks Bill and Mike!).  Only a corrupted Compact Flash card and bad weather kept me from running over to Melbourne that …Read More

    My First Trip to the Oakland Great Horned Owl Nest

    My First Trip to the Oakland Great Horned Owl Nest - March 2013

    I was so excited when a friend shared the location of a Great Horned Owl nest - it's practically in my backyard!  I love to watch nests and see babies grow up, but most nests are far away.  This one is close enough that I can check on it after work.  (I've been asked not to disclose the exact location to protect these little cuties.) The owlets are already pretty …Read More

    A Different Kind of Garden

    A Different Kind of Garden - December 2012

    My in-laws are visiting this weekend, so Hubby and I took them to Kennedy Space Center yesterday. I got to photograph a different kind of garden - a rocket garden! The space center is now doing special tours of the launchpad and the Vehicle Assembly building (I guess because they are no longer in use for the space shuttle program). We did the launchpad tour, which allowed us to go …Read More

    In Search of a Long-Tailed Duck at Lake Davis

    In Search of a Long-Tailed Duck at Lake Davis - November 2011

    I've been reading about the Long-Tailed Duck on Birdbrains, so Rich and I decided to drive over to Lake Davis to see if we could find it.  Lake Davis is a small lake in the middle of a downtown Orlando neighborhood.  It's very close to Greenwood Cemetery, but I resisted the temptation to bore Rich with eagle-nest watching.  We did find lots of Ring-Necked Ducks at Lake Davis, but no …Read More

    We Found Woody!

    We Found Woody! - June 2011

    Dyeyo and I have been going to Circle B together for over a year now, and for that whole time Dyeyo has been on a quest to see Red-Headed Woodpeckers.  But day after day goes by and Dyeyo still hasn't seen his "Woody." So for Father's Day, I asked Herman to recommend a place where I could take Dyeyo to find a Red-Headed Woodpecker.  Herman recommended a place called Chinsegut …Read More

    Sunset at Lake Eola

    Sunset at Lake Eola - May 2011

    We stopped by Lake Eola at sunset tonight to try some cityscape photography.  My favorite parts are the swan silhouettes in the foreground! :)

    Snow Geese at Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge

    Snow Geese at Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge - December 2010

    Dyeyo and I continued our bird-watching safari.  After we saw the Snow Bunting in Palm Coast, we went to Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Rufuge, where several Snow Geese have been reported there over the last week or so.  They were there!  They usually don't come to Florida.  There was a mix of white morph adults and juveniles, and one juvenile blue morph. Dyeyo and I really liked Lake Woodruff.  It …Read More

    Snow Bunting! at Palm Coast Waterfront Park

    Snow Bunting! at Palm Coast Waterfront Park -

    Dyeyo and I planned a bird-watching "safari" trip for today.  Our first stop was the Palm Coast Waterfront Park where a tiny Snow Bunting has been hanging out for the last couple of weeks.  This bird nests in the Arctic and migrates to the New England latitudes.  Only about twenty have been documented as far south as Florida.   This little guy has an injured tail and cannot fly long …Read More

    In Search of Hooded Mergansers…

    In Search of Hooded Mergansers… - December 2010

    A recent Birdbrain post indicated that there were about 20 Hooded Mergansers in a small pond outside a Perkins restaurant at the intersection of Conroy-Windermere Road and Apopka Vineland Road in Orlando. So Rich and I stopped there this morning after we dropped his folks off at the airport. There were no Hoodies this morning but I had a fun 15 minutes photographing the other birds that were there. The …Read More

    Birding at Emeralda Marsh Conservation Area

    Birding at Emeralda Marsh Conservation Area - May 2010

    Dyeyo and I felt like going to a new birding spot this morning, and we'd heard good things about the Emeralda Marsh Conservation Area in Lake County, so we drove up there to check it out. It made us realize just how spoiled we are by our Circle B Bar Reserve, which is close to home and offers us such close access to all kinds of birds.  Emeralda is more …Read More

    Bird-watching at Lake Louisa State Park

    Bird-watching at Lake Louisa State Park - August 2008

    After our first visit to Lake Louisa, we wonder if it will soon rival Oakland Nature Preserve for birdwatching. We even saw a deer! Birds Butterflies Other Critters

    Georgia Aquarium trip

    Georgia Aquarium trip - August 2008

    Happy Birthday, Rich! We went to the Georgia Aquarium to see turtles for Rich's 29th b-day. Of course we had to check out the loggerhead sea turtle first. There was also an impressive beluga whale on exhibit. I had fun trying to get good pictures of some of the colorful fish swimming around in tanks. This jellyfish looks cool in the picture, but I don't think I'd like to meet …Read More

    Hike at Blue Springs State Park

    Hike at Blue Springs State Park - September 2007

    We went hiking today at Blue Springs State Park. Our Butterflies for Binoculars book recommends this park for butterflies, so we decided to visit. We didn't see all the butterflies promised by the book, but we did see some surprises… We were walking along and I saw this caterpillar. Since we hadn't been seeing much, first it was just exciting to see the caterpillar, and be able to get a …Read More

    Bird-watching at Tibet Butler Preserve

    Bird-watching at Tibet Butler Preserve - March 2007

    Thanks to a traffic jam on the turnpike one morning, we found the Tibet Butler Preserve on a back road about 15 minutes from our house. It's another fun place to watch for birds and butterflies.

    Hiking at Wekiva Springs State Park

    Hiking at Wekiva Springs State Park - February 2007

    We read that Wekiva Springs is a great place to bird-watch and hike. It was the first time we'd ever seen a tufted titmouse. I thought this was a robin at first, but then upon closer inspection discovered it was an Eastern Towhee. We didn't get to hear it do its characteristic "Drink your tea!" call, though. This Gray Catbird was right up on the path, and I was photographing …Read More