Ruddy Turnstone

Say Goodbye to the Shorebirds

May 18, 2015 -  My first good bird of the morning was this Ruddy Turnstone, who was playing with what looked like a cockroach on the beach....  As I left, I found another Ruddy Turnstone with his beak full of breakfast - this time, I think it was crab.... Read more

Ruddy Turnstone

Birds That Are Not Purple

February 6, 2015 -  He pointed out every single Ruddy Turnstone that passed in front of us!... The Ruddy Turnstones were just about the only birds on the jetty.... Read more

"Sunrise" Skyway and Fort De Soto Birds

October 2, 2011 - It was a great morning to be out with friends.  The temperatures were nice and cool, and I was glad I had grabbed a sweatshirt on my way out!  After the sun was up, we headed to North Beach to check out the birds.  Unfortunately there weren't too many there. …... Read more

Sunrise at Fort De Soto

April 23, 2011 - Black-Bellied Plover I enjoyed watching the little Ruddy Turnstones as they ran along the waves.  To me it looked like the surf was smooth, without a lot of little fish or other food sources, but this guy kept plucking up shells and then cracking them open with a flick of…... Read more

Ruddy Turnstone

Beautiful Morning at Fort De Soto

November 23, 2010 - Semipalmated Plover Wilson's Plover This poor little Ruddy Turnstone huddled against a wall of seaweed while the rest of the birds ran along the shoreline.... Ruddy Turnstone The tiny Sanderlings were so quick!... Black-Bellied Plover Bird List: American Goldfinch, Black and White Warbler, Black-Bellied Plover, Black-Crowned Night Heron (juvenile),…... Read more

My First Trip to Fort De Soto

September 4, 2010 - Brown Pelican I had never seen a Ruddy Turnstone before, but I thought I recognized the ones today from reading my Birds of Florida book.  I saw one bird still mostly in his breeding plumage, and another that had almost molted completely into his winter plumage.... Ruddy Turnstone - Breeding…... Read more