Dinnertime for Junior at the Winter Park Osprey Nest

May 28, 2012 - Last week I made another visit to the Winter Park Osprey nest.  The baby has gotten so big since my last visit!  He is clearly visible over the side of the nest now.  Mama was feeding him as I arrived.  Mmm, fish was on the menu… Mama feeds the baby by tearing off little bits […]

Junior is Getting Bigger

May 17, 2012 - I dragged Rich to Winter Park last Friday for dinner and an Osprey nest.  The baby Osprey is getting bigger.  Last time he was barely visible over the side of the nest.  He was pretty active when I first arrived, while his mom fed him.  Then he hunkered down underneath her for a nap, and […]


May 3, 2012 - A friend let me know that the Winter Park Osprey chicks had hatched, so I went over there on Tuesday night to see the babies.  Almost as soon as I got there, Mama bent her head over into the nest, seemed to listen for a second, and then stepped aside…and then splat! went a waste […]

Watching and Waiting

May 1, 2012 - On Saturday afternoon I dragged Rich over to Winter Park for a romantic dinner and a nest-watching expedition.  (It’s the birdie version of dinner and a movie!)  The nest is on top of a platform close to Park Avenue, right across the street from a convenient parking garage.  You drive to the top of the […]

Lessons from an Osprey

May 31, 2011 - Rich and I went to Winter Park for dinner tonight, so I got some more time at the osprey nest.  It was more active tonight than the last time I went.  You know, you can learn a lot from a juvenile Osprey… First of all, when your mom arrives at the nest with a fish, […]

I Finally Made it to the Winter Park Osprey Nest!

May 30, 2011 - I’ve been drooling over pictures taken at this nest.  I finally asked Michael Libbe where it is and made the trip there myself.  The nest is on top of a platform on top of a telephone pole in downtown Winter Park.  The really great part is that there’s a 4-story parking garage right across from […]