Dinnertime for Junior at the Winter Park Osprey Nest


Last week I made another visit to the Winter Park Osprey nest.  The baby has gotten so big since my last visit!  He is clearly visible over the side of the nest now.  Mama was feeding him as I arrived.  Mmm, fish was on the menu…

Mama feeds the baby by tearing off little bits of fish and poking them into his open mouth.  Sometimes she would keep a bite for herself, and Junior didn’t like that!  He was fun to watch as he pouted.

After dinner, Mom tended to the nest, moving some twigs around.  (Why couldn’t she have moved the one sticking up in all my pictures?)  In the meantime, her chick moved to the side of the nest, allowing me to isolate him for some baby pictures.

It’s fun having a nest relatively close by, that I can visit after work!  I wonder if Mom will still be sticking so close to the nest when I go back next week…

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