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    Hummingbird Refraction in Salvia

    Hummingbird Refraction in Salvia - December 2017

    Macro photography of a purple salvia with an image of a nectaring Ruby-throated Hummingbird refracted in water dropletsRead More

    Flowerpot or Alien?  You Decide!

    Flowerpot or Alien? You Decide! - May 2017

    I had some free time while Rich watched the Super Bowl.  As much as I've tried to learn to like sports, it just hasn't worked.  So I'm afraid the Super Bowl was accentuated with my squeals of joy as I executed a photographic vision in my macro "studio." This was the picture I envisioned.  I positioned three tiny water droplets on the stamens of a dianthus flower.  I then positioned …Read More

    The Stowaway

    The Stowaway - May 2017

    Flower macro photography can bring its surprises - like this stowaway spider!Read More

    Happy Earth Day

    Happy Earth Day - April 2017

    An Earth Day image showing our planet refracted in a water dropletRead More

    Valentine’s Day Macro

    Valentine’s Day Macro - February 2017

    Happy Valentine's Day! This macro shot of an azalea combines flowers, water, and some filter effects that reminded me of a heart.   Perfect for sharing on Valentine's Day!

    Fun with Hibiscus Flower Close-Ups

    Fun with Hibiscus Flower Close-Ups - February 2017

    My macro lens helped me explore a hibiscus flower up closeRead More

    More Fun with Macro Photography

    More Fun with Macro Photography - February 2017

    Another rainy day, another afternoon of macro photography fun with flowers and water droplets. Read More

    Fun with Water Droplet Macro Photography

    Fun with Water Droplet Macro Photography - January 2017

    Rainy weekends are good for water droplet macro photography. All you need is a macro lens, water mister and patience!Read More

    Fun with Flowers and Water

    Fun with Flowers and Water - January 2015

    Clouds kept me inside for some fun with flowers and water. Water droplets, refractions, flowers, RainX, and focus stacking experiments!Read More

    Colorful Water Droplets

    Colorful Water Droplets - September 2013

    I've been reading the book Understanding Flash Photography, by Bryan Peterson.  In nature photography I often use my flash coupled with a Better Beamer to add fill light to my bird images.  But I want to learn more about using flash indoors, in more "normal" scenarios.  One of the ideas in the book is to use flash to photograph colorful water droplets.  I was intrigued by the picture and decided …Read More