Baby Sandhill Crane: Day 6

Baby Sandhill Crane “Uno” at Day 6

March 11, 2016 - I returned to check on the baby Sandhill Crane Uno last Saturday, on his sixth day of life.  He had already almost doubled in size since I last saw him!  The little guy spent most of the morning in the weeds by the lake, but he did come out a few times to pose for […]

Hide and Seek! (Sandhill Crane with Young)

Hide and Seek

January 31, 2016 - This is a “digital art” version of a photo from last March.  The two Sandhill Crane colts were just a few days old.  The day was windy and cold, and Mom would occasionally sit down and create an “insta-nest” for her two tired colts.  The babies would scurry behind her back and crawl into her warm […]

Mom and Baby Sandhill Crane on the Nest

Hatch Day for the Sandhill Cranes

March 19, 2014 - It’s that time of year again!  I hope you like pictures of cute little Sandhill Crane colts, because you’re going to be seeing a lot of them in this blog in the next few weeks.  Last weekend I started making the rounds, checking on known nests from previous years.  Then my friend texted me saying […]

Week-Old Sandhill Crane Colts

March 18, 2013 - Last year my friends found a Sandhill Crane family in Casselberry. When I visited, the colts were several weeks old, already getting to their leggy stage. They entertained me with their spider wars. This year I made a trip over there while the babies are still small. They hatched on Sunday, and I went six […]

Spider Wars

March 23, 2012 - Last weekend I stopped by a local park to photograph the Sandhill Crane colts that were born at the park a few weeks ago.  Some friends had mentioned that there were great photo opportunities with this family, who are so friendly that the colts practically walk right up to you.  My friends weren’t kidding!  I […]