Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Spring is in the Air

February 25, 2018 - The wildlife drive is is covered in small warblers, mostly these Yellow-rumped Warblers.... Read more

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

A Nice Walk at the Circle B Bar Reserve

March 26, 2016 -  A Black and White Warbler, a Northern Parula, several Yellow-Rumped Warblers, a Palm Warbler, a bunch of Tufted Titmice...people stopped to ask what I saw, and seemed surprised when I said I was photographing the Tufted Titmice.... Just like my last visit, I saw lots of Yellow-rumped Warblers hopping in…... Read more

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Week-Old Sandhill Crane Colts

March 18, 2013 - But while I sat and watched the nest, a Yellow-Rumped Warbler rewarded me for my patience.... I think this is the first good shot I've gotten of a Yellow-Rumped Warbler in breeding colors.... And a deformed bill...I read on BirdBrains that a lot of Yellow-Rumped Warblers have deformed bills this…... Read more

The Two Turtles – Circle B Bar Reserve

March 4, 2012 - I didn't see many Palm Warblers or Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers, but I did come across several small flocks of Yellow-Rumped Warblers.  This one was hopping around in the treetops, and I like how the vegetation makes a soft background for him.  Selective sharpening on just the bird made this image pop. …... Read more

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Cold Sunset at Oakland Nature Preserve

December 27, 2010 - Fall Colors The sun had disappeared and the light was low when this little Yellow-Rumped Warbler posed in front of me, eating some berries or nuts on a distant tree.  I'm going to have such fun with this lens!!... Yellow-Rumped Warbler  ... Read more


December 1, 2010 - Mum-mum has been wondering what the differences are between Palm Warblers and Yellow-Rumped Warblers.... Yellow-Rumped Warbler (left) and Palm Warbler (right)... Read more

Where are all the birds at the Circle B Bar Reserve?

November 22, 2010 - Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks Our "warbler tree" (an old oak that's probably 2/3 of the way down Marsh Rabbit Run) was full of Palm Warblers and Yellow-Rumped Warblers.... Yellow-Rumped Warbler We reached Wading Bird Way and saw the usual crowds of American Coots.... Plane Species list: Anhinga, American Coot, Bald Eagle,…... Read more

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Seeing is Believing: There Really are Otters at the Circle B Bar Reserve!

November 14, 2010 - Today there were dozens of little birds hopping around in the canopy, including the first Yellow-Rumped Warbler I've seen at Circle B this fall: Yellow-Rumped Warbler A small group of Blue-Winged Teals greeted us as we reached Wading Bird Way.... Yellow Flower Marsh Panorama Species list: Anhinga, American Coot, Bald…... Read more

Little Birds Galore at Circle B Bar Reserve

March 20, 2010 - Yellow-Rumped Warbler There were tons of warblers today (palm, pine, yellow-rumped, and common yellowthroats), but we didn't see or hear a single blue-gray gnatcatcher.  That was a big change.  The gnatcatchers have been very numerous in the preserve this winter.... Read more

Cold Birdwatching at Circle B Bar Reserve

January 31, 2010 - Palm warbler I saw my first yellow-rumped warbler of the season.  I know the bird book says that the yellow-rumps are the most common warblers in our part of Florida, but I seem to see so many more palm warblers than yellow-rumps.... Yellow-rumped warbler This pied-billed grebe posed for me…... Read more

Winter Birding at Callaway Gardens

November 27, 2008 - Orchard Oriole Junco Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (you can see the ruby crown!!) White-Throated Sparrow Chipping Sparrow Tufted Titmouse White-Breasted Nuthatch Yellow-Rumped Warbler (Female) Yellow-Rumped Warbler (Male) House Finch The Callaway Birds of Prey show is fun.... Read more

Bird-watching at Oakland Nature Preserve

January 13, 2008 - Birds Seen Today - Painted Bunting, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Yellow-throated Warbler, Pine Warbler, Palm Warbler, Black and White Warbler, American Kestrel, Red-Shouldered Hawk, Gray Catbird, Downy Woodpecker, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Eastern Pheobe, Osprey, Blue Jay, Cardinal, Red-Wing Blackbird Red-Shouldered Hawk Great Blue Heron Yellow-Rumped Warbler Yellow-Throated Warbler Downy…... Read more