Chasing Loopies!

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Karate Kitten!

While stuck inside over Thanksgiving break during that annoying series of cold fronts, Whiskey and I played with my flashes.  We set up my softbox and reflector and experimented with key lights and fill lights.  We tried manual mode and ETTL mode.  The hardest part was getting Whiskey to sit still!  I had to break […]

Oh Happy Day!

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Pansies for Three!

It’s the most wonderful day in Squirt’s year!  Pansies-R-Us (a.k.a. Lowe’s) has fresh six-packs of pansies.  Squirt has waited six months to devour his favorite flower! Squirt loves his six-packs.  As soon as we walk out onto the porch carrying one, Squirt comes running up to his, meowing his head off.  Then the leg-rubs and […]

Whiskey Loopy Turns Two!

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It’s hard to believe, but our “kitten” Whiskey turned two today!  Happy birthday, Whiskey Loopy!  You’ve come a long way since we first adopted you… This is a recent snapshot of the birthday cat in one of his favorite poses – sitting at the window!  Our neighbors remark that they always look for the cats […]

Cat Tales

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Squirt is hereby charged with aiding and abetting a hoodlum! On Monday morning at 6 a.m. the hoodlum, one Whiskey Loopy, was apprehended in the hallway without his bell collar.  Kittens in “stealth mode” are prohibited from wandering the house, by order of Goldilocks.  Goldy hereby accuses Squirt of romping with his brother and releasing […]

The Story of Whiskey Loopy

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Whiskey Loopy is proud to announce that his kitten story is now available along with Goldy’s and Squirt’s! If you haven’t noticed these links on my site before, let me give you a little bit of background information.  When I was a little girl, my parents used to read to me the story I am […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Whiskey Loopy wants to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day! The picture below is Loopy’s favorite new hangout – the back of the couch. It’s right next to where we keep the cat treats. Whiskey jumps up and looks cute every time he wants a treat…many, many times a day!

Taking Down the Tree

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All throughout this Christmas season we’ve had ornaments mysteriously coming off the Christmas tree. We’ll walk in and find them scattered on the floor in the general vicinity of the tree. The cats, of course, deny all knowledge. But today I think I might have found one of the culprits red-pawed… Of course Whiskey can’t […]

Silly Kitty

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If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, you also can’t keep a young cat from discovering some! Whiskey’s latest trick is to turn lights on and off. We started to be suspicious when random lights started coming on around the house. Then we started to notice him jumping up to paw at the […]