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    First of Fall Pansies!

    First of Fall Pansies! - November 2016

    Whiskey and Squirt meow for first-of-fall pansies!Read More

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! - December 2014

    From our family to yours…Merry Christmas!!

    Hooray!  Pansy Time for Cats Again!

    Hooray! Pansy Time for Cats Again! - October 2014

    It was the most wonderful day of the year! Our cats got their first taste of pansies this fall...Read More

    Feed the Squirrels (Tuppence a Bag)

    Feed the Squirrels (Tuppence a Bag) - May 2014

    I didn't really intend to feed the squirrels at my bird feeders...at least my cats are enjoying their new playmates at the window!Read More

    Chasing Loopies!

    Chasing Loopies! - December 2013

    While stuck inside over Thanksgiving break during that annoying series of cold fronts, Whiskey and I played with my flashes.  We set up my softbox and reflector and experimented with key lights and fill lights.  We tried manual mode and ETTL mode.  The hardest part was getting Whiskey to sit still!  I had to break out my stuffed puffin to serve as model while I experimented.  Then I brought in …Read More

    Black and White and Pink All Over

    Black and White and Pink All Over - November 2013

    Whiskey says that we're overdue for a post about cats - after all, this blog was inspired by cats and turtles!  He asked me to share some pictures that we took this afternoon.  Rich and I joke that Whiskey is black and white and pink all over because his skin is pink underneath his fur.  (And because he has the most adorable pink nose!)  So today I put a pink …Read More

    Oh Happy Day!

    Oh Happy Day! - October 2013

    It's the most wonderful day in Squirt's year!  Pansies-R-Us (a.k.a. Lowe's) has fresh six-packs of pansies.  Squirt has waited six months to devour his favorite flower! Squirt loves his six-packs.  As soon as we walk out onto the porch carrying one, Squirt comes running up to his, meowing his head off.  Then the leg-rubs and tail-hugs ensure as Squirt anxiously awaits his favorite leafy greens.  It's a yearly tradition that …Read More

    Happy Birthday to Someone Special!

    Happy Birthday to Someone Special! - October 2013

    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the world!  Our cats wanted to share their birthday wishes and advice… Don't wear your cat grass or your birthday cake on your chin. Look for something unexpected, whether it be a lizard, hummingbird, or Mr. Warbles! Good things come to those who are patient.  Note: birds get startled by the chatter of excited teeth! Stretch out and get comfortable.  It's …Read More

    My New Camera Assistant

    My New Camera Assistant - July 2013

    Move over, Filter Boy - I have a new camera assistant!  He's black and white and pink all over.  I think he's the most adorable little boy in the whole world. :) Regular readers of my blog may remember when Whiskey fit into my Beast's lens hood.  Whiskey is two years old now, and he's a curious little thing.  He loves to help me with my camera equipment.  I was …Read More

    Whiskey Loopy Turns Two!

    Whiskey Loopy Turns Two! - May 2013

    It's hard to believe, but our "kitten" Whiskey turned two today!  Happy birthday, Whiskey Loopy!  You've come a long way since we first adopted you… This is a recent snapshot of the birthday cat in one of his favorite poses - sitting at the window!  Our neighbors remark that they always look for the cats sitting in our windows.  Whiskey Loopy is especially fond of the frogs that jump up …Read More

    Post-Processing Help From My Cat

    Post-Processing Help From My Cat - March 2013

    I took soooo many pictures this weekend!  I filled my cards with the Sandhill Cranes at Circle B, then again with the Ospreys at Blue Cypress Lake.  It was awesome!  It feels so good to get back out with my camera.  Just in time for my favorite time of the year, bird nesting season! I spent this evening going through Sandhill Crane pictures.  Hopefully I will have a blog post …Read More

    Cat Tales

    Cat Tales - March 2013

    Squirt is hereby charged with aiding and abetting a hoodlum! On Monday morning at 6 a.m. the hoodlum, one Whiskey Loopy, was apprehended in the hallway without his bell collar.  Kittens in "stealth mode" are prohibited from wandering the house, by order of Goldilocks.  Goldy hereby accuses Squirt of romping with his brother and releasing the safety collar clasp.  The collar was found concealed behind the litter box.  Never fear, …Read More

    The Story of Whiskey Loopy

    The Story of Whiskey Loopy - March 2013

    Whiskey Loopy is proud to announce that his kitten story is now available along with Goldy's and Squirt's! If you haven't noticed these links on my site before, let me give you a little bit of background information.  When I was a little girl, my parents used to read to me the story I am a Kitten, by Ole Risom.  We read it together so many times that we all …Read More

    Happy Valentine’s Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day - February 2013

    Whiskey Loopy wants to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day! The picture below is Loopy's favorite new hangout - the back of the couch. It's right next to where we keep the cat treats. Whiskey jumps up and looks cute every time he wants a treat…many, many times a day!

    Whiskey Loopy Perfects the Art of the Slither…

    Whiskey Loopy Perfects the Art of the Slither… - January 2013

    I was able to catch Whiskey Loopy in action yesterday.  He likes to chase his "loopies" (his little spring toys) around the house, but he buries them under furniture and then can't play anymore.  Usually he waits for Mom to come and fish them out, but sometimes bored cats sometimes have to take matters into their own paws.  Whiskey is now over a year and a half old, but he …Read More

    Taking Down the Tree

    Taking Down the Tree - December 2012

    All throughout this Christmas season we've had ornaments mysteriously coming off the Christmas tree. We'll walk in and find them scattered on the floor in the general vicinity of the tree. The cats, of course, deny all knowledge. But today I think I might have found one of the culprits red-pawed… Of course Whiskey can't be too far from Squirt…and a split second after I took the first picture, this …Read More

    ¡Feliz Navidad!

    ¡Feliz Navidad! - December 2012

    Merry Christmas! This year Rich has been having fun with his Santa iPhone apps. One of them is a naughty or nice scanner. You take someone's picture, and it analyzes the person and determines whether he is on the naughty list. We tried it out on the cats and it was pretty accurate.   ¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Feliz Naughty-Cat! Prospero año y felicidad… We want to wish you a Merry Christmas! …Read More

    ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

    ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas - December 2012

    'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring except for Whiskey Loopy! The stockings were hung on the staircase with care in hopes that St. Nicolas soon would be there and Goldy in her cat-bed and Squirt in his box had settled down to dream of birdie flocks When out in the hall there arose such a clatter They sprang from their beds …Read More

    Silly Kitty

    Silly Kitty - December 2012

    If you can't teach an old dog new tricks, you also can't keep a young cat from discovering some! Whiskey's latest trick is to turn lights on and off. We started to be suspicious when random lights started coming on around the house. Then we started to notice him jumping up to paw at the light switches. Now he even lets me make videos of him being silly!

    What’s Black and White and Pink All Over?

    What’s Black and White and Pink All Over? - December 2012

    I needed something to cheer me up today. What could be better than our loopy kitten? This one was taken as he peered through the banisters at me. You know how it is with kittens, they go from tearing around the house in one second to falling asleep in the next… This video was taken as our jumping jack tried to say hello to the frog on the window…

    Happy Meow-o-ween!

    Happy Meow-o-ween! - October 2012

    Squirt is the "Vampire Cat" tonight - and he didn't even have to dress up!  Seriously, I took this picture of him when he was gawking at a nearby lizard.  But those big long teeth are great for Halloween…

    First of Fall Pansies!

    First of Fall Pansies! - October 2012

    Oh happy day!  Squirt sent us to Lowes yesterday to check for his favorite leafy greens.  We've been anxiously awaiting this day since we had our last pansies last spring.  Lucky for Squirt, Lowes had them!  So today our cats got their first pansy fix in months.  Squirt likes to tear at the leaves and yank apart the plants.  Whiskey sits daintily and nibbles on the flowers.  Goldy nibbles on …Read More

    Black, White, and Pink All Over

    Black, White, and Pink All Over - October 2012

    I think I have finally perfected my technique for photographing Whiskey Loopy. He's such a curious little guy, and whenever I get down on the floor with my camera to take his picture, I end up with a sweet pink nose investigating the lens hood. He just won't sit still! But I found that if he's sitting in the window and interested in a bug or a lizard, I can …Read More

    Anxiously Waiting…

    Anxiously Waiting… - September 2012

    It's almost the first of October, which means that Squirt and Whiskey have just another month to wait until PANSIES!!! (These leafy greens are a feline favorite in our household.) Enjoy the cooler weather and the promise of things to come!

    Feline Manipulation

    Feline Manipulation - July 2012

    Today Rich and I must admit that we are sometimes guilty of shameless cat manipulation. Our cat Squirt has very long fur, which tends to tangle if we don't occasionally brush him. Except he doesn't like to be brushed. He scratches and claws and growls and bites. Rich got me leather gloves many years ago, but lately those haven't been doing the trick. So we stooped to offering Squirt a …Read More

    Happiness is…

    Happiness is… - July 2012

    …a nice big pot of fresh cat grass! All three of our cats go nuts over this stuff. You can buy it in bulk and save a ton of money. Now we know what we're getting Missy for Christmas! (ssh! don't tell!) Squirt and Whiskey provided a review of our recent Amazon purchase. Mmm…good! Photo courtesy of Rich and his iPhone :)

    One Year Ago

    One Year Ago - July 2012

    It was one year ago today that we brought a tiny black-and-white kitten home. Whiskey Loopey has been such a joy in our house ever since! We now refer to Whiskey and Squirt as "Mischief and Mayhem." I'm not sure which is "Mischief" and which is "Mayhem" - and it doesn't really matter, because the two are inseparable! Watch out, Goldilocks!

    Happy Birthday, Whiskey Loopey!

    Happy Birthday, Whiskey Loopey! - May 2012

    Our kitten Whiskey turns one year old today!  It's hard to believe how much he has grown… We love you, Whiskey!

    Thank you, Carla!

    Thank you, Carla! - March 2012

    We celebrated Squirt's birthday this weekend – he is now eight years old!  Carla came over and surprised him with a toy cat racetrack.  You can assemble it in a bunch of different ways, then bat a ball around it.  As is often the case in our house, our kitten Whiskey took over the toy as soon as we set it up.  He had a great time with it.  Now …Read More

    Silly Cat Tunes

    Silly Cat Tunes - February 2012

    Rich and I enjoy making up silly words to songs about our cats.  I've been meaning to post some to the blog for a while.  This weekend's rainy weather motivated me to actually do it, in honor of Whiskey's nine-month birthday in a few days.  (Our apologies to the original song writers…)   Whiskey's Song – Feelin' Loopy Slow down, you grow too fast! You've got to make your kittenhood …Read More

    Nose to Nose

    Nose to Nose - January 2012

    Our oldest cat Goldilocks has been a little hesitant to welcome 9-month-old Whiskey Loopy into our family. Whiskey just doesn't understand that all cats don't want to play or be chased all day long! But she can be pretty sweet with him when he's not threatening her Personal Bubble…

    Happy Kitty…

    Happy Kitty… - January 2012

    Rich took this picture of Whiskey over our Christmas break.  Doesn't he look comfortable? :) One of Whiskey's many nicknames is "Squeaky"…check out this sound clip that Rich recorded while I was playing with him. :)

    …and to All a Good Night

    …and to All a Good Night - December 2011

    Whiskey is eagerly anticipating his first Christmas. Every year I cross-stitch a dated ornament for our tree, and this year's featured the newest member of our family. Merry Christmas Eve!

    We Give Thanks

    We Give Thanks - November 2011

    On Thanksgiving Day, it's important to pause and give thanks for the good things in life… Goldilocks gives thanks for her blue blanket for cushy cat-naps, for her bird-bird-birds in the yard, and of course, for the people who feed cats dinner at 1:30 in the afternoon. Squirt gives thanks for cuddle nap time, for his two favorite Ps (Pansies and Porch time!), and for the little brother that keeps …Read More

    Cats and a Turtle

    Cats and a Turtle - November 2011

    One more day and then nine wonderful days off!!!!!

    First of Fall Pansies!

    First of Fall Pansies! - October 2011

    It's the most wonderful day of the year…for cats, that is. Rich and I took a trip to Pansies-R-Us and found the first of fall pansies!! Squirt's favorite treat is a nice six-pack of pansies. He's taught us to carefully select plants with lots of leafy greens. Today was Whiskey's first experience with pansies, and he liked them a lot. Goldy watched approvingly from behind. Happy day!

    Whiskey Keeps on Growing!

    Whiskey Keeps on Growing! - October 2011

    Our kitten Whiskey just keeps on growing! He's getting heavier every day. Even Squirt has noticed the difference, and has started to be a little less gentle with Whiskey when they romp. (Well, what do you expect a boy to do when his little brother tackles him?)

    Whiskey Turns Five Months Old

    Whiskey Turns Five Months Old - October 2011

    It's hard to believe that we've had Whiskey for almost three months now. He's gotten so big! Dinner time is a real hoot — we start getting pleading meows from Squirt and squeaks from Whiskey in unison. One of the reasons we got Whiskey was to provide a young, energetic companion for our two older cats. Squirt has certainly taken to his new little playmate, and the two of them …Read More

    Watching for Warblers

    Watching for Warblers - September 2011

    There are all sorts of reports of migrant warblers across the state on Birdbrains this week. I've been watching the neighborhood for Bow Tie, our Yellow-Throated Warbler that comes to our yard each winter. I'm a little disappointed that I haven't seen him yet. At Wild Birds Unlimited two weeks ago they told me that people were starting to report Painted Buntings. I've had my millet out for a few …Read More

    A Whiskey Update: Four Months and Counting!

    A Whiskey Update: Four Months and Counting! - September 2011

    I forgot to post a very important milestone about a week ago: Whiskey caught his first lizard! Our new kitten is a little over four months now. He's just adorable. He loves to play with his big brother Squirt. Whiskey was featured on the Cats are My Love website not too long ago. On a birding note, work interfered with fall migration photography again today. But I did see a …Read More

    Ornithology 101

    Ornithology 101 - September 2011

    This is a special guest post by our cat Goldilocks.  We call Goldy our resident ornithologist.  She spends most of her days at our windows, watching outside to see the birds there.  When she was younger, a call of "bird bird bird!" from anywhere in the house would bring her running.  Now she is training our kitten Whiskey in the beginnings of bird-watching… Now, Whiskey, stop chasing after kitten toys …Read More

    MIA:  The Pink Mouse!

    MIA: The Pink Mouse! - September 2011

    For years, Squirt has liked his pink mice best of all his toys.  Rich reminds him that little boys are not supposed to like pink, but Squirt didn't care.  Now Whiskey's toys are the springy-thingees, and Whiskey also prefers the pink ones.  But a funny thing has been happening.  Every time we get out a new pink toy, it disappears! We have three suspects listed in the disappearance of the …Read More

    Whiskey: Week 4

    Whiskey: Week 4 - August 2011

    Whiskey decided that we should celebrate my birthday by giving him toys. He's been having a blast with these little springy toys that Rich found on Amazon. He chases them all over the house for hours on end. He's particularly adorable when he carries them around in his mouth. Whiskey is starting to take an interest in the windows, and the birds and butterflies that move outside. Goldy is teaching …Read More

    Rain is good for catnip

    Rain is good for catnip - August 2011

    Squirt was dismayed when I took his potted catnip plant outside a few weeks ago. But after a few good rains, the plant has quadrupled in size. Now Squirt gets to teach Whiskey the joys of playing with catnip… Now this is cool…this post was brought to you via my iPhone. I took the picture with the iPhone camera and I'm blogging using the WordPress app. :-)

    Whiskey: Week 3

    Whiskey: Week 3 - August 2011

    The rain and heat have been keeping Rich and me from taking our afternoon walks. Indoors, my best photographic subjects tend to be our cats. We've had Whiskey for three weeks now, and he's grown so much!! Check out the highlights from playtime below…


    Kittenhood… - August 2011

    So some proud photographer parents pose their two or three year olds with super-telephoto lenses, showing how the lens is taller than the kid. I thought it'd be fun to pose our new kitten in the Beast's lens hood. I figured he'd be so cute sitting inside it, and I'd look back in a few months and wonder, "Did he ever really fit inside there?" Reality check…Rich put Whiskey in …Read More

    A New Member of the Family

    A New Member of the Family - July 2011

    I'll digress from my usual nature photography posts to show you some pictures of the newest member of our family. We adopted a little kitten today. Meet Whiskey Lou, which we will likely shorten to just "Whiskey". Goldilocks and Squirt are adapting surprisingly well to the new little intruder. It's fun to have a kitten around again. He's so tiny! I pick up Squirt and think, "Whoa! You are huge!" …Read More

    Squirt Wants to Congratulate Aaron, Too!

    Squirt Wants to Congratulate Aaron, Too! - May 2011

    Squirt thinks it unfair that feline study-buddies are not allowed to attend graduations.  He spent long hours helping Aaron with calculus!  He worked so hard that he put himself to sleep.  Look at that big yawn! So Squirt wants to join in and congratulate Aaron on his accomplishments…

    Not Your Finest Moment, Goldy!

    Not Your Finest Moment, Goldy! - April 2011

    Goldilocks had a great time watching a little frog that hopped onto her window.  Then she got bored and gave a big yawn.  Sometimes the camera doesn't always catch her most dignified moments!! :)

    First Images with the 500mm Lens!!

    First Images with the 500mm Lens!! - December 2010

    Rich gave me the most awesome lens ever for Christmas!   The weather has been gross (cold front = cold + wind) and so I haven't been out to Circle B with the lens yet.  But here are a few pictures from around the house… Every time I get a new lens or piece of camera equipment, my first subject of my first picture is my cat Goldilocks.  We've had this …Read More

    Hi Missy

    Hi Missy - December 2010

    Missy let me take a picture of her this weekend.  She didn't even hiss!

    Goldy Got Locked in Squirt’s Room

    Goldy Got Locked in Squirt’s Room - December 2010

    It's hard to do much photography at night when it's already dark when you get home…so Rich and I resort to making up holiday parodies of songs. This one is in honor of our cats Goldilocks and Squirt, intended to be sung to the tune of "Santa got Lost in Texas" (with our apologies to Jeff Carson)… Goldy was keeping watch one night on Christmas Eve when she saw a …Read More

    Christmas Cats

    Christmas Cats - November 2010

    We put up our Christmas decorations today. Squirt helped!

    Happiness is…

    Happiness is… - November 2010

    …a fresh pansy for a twerpy cat! (A pansy a day keeps the doctor away!)

    First Pansies of the Year!

    First Pansies of the Year! - October 2010

    It's the most wonderful day of the year! Squirt has been dreaming of this day for the past six months, ever since he took his last bite of pansy back in the early spring. He's been getting pretty desperate, too. I found this note in my car after work this afternoon: So we stopped at Lowes this evening, and they already have pansies! I think they're about a week early …Read More

    Happy Squirt!

    Happy Squirt! - October 2010

    We had "Squirt's Delight" (a.k.a. ham) for dinner. Squirt was ecstatic. Then he had to take a very long bath!

    Welcome to the Cat House

    Welcome to the Cat House - September 2010

    Rich made Goldy and Squirt a cat house out of a big box. Goldy approves!

    First images with my new Canon 7D!

    First images with my new Canon 7D! - August 2010

    We have a little tradition at our house that the first picture taken with any new piece of camera equipment must be a picture of Miss Clock.  So we followed tradition today when Rich broke down and gave me my Canon 7D one day early. Squirt didn't want to be left out, so he posed cutely by the window.  This new camera is so totally awesome.  It does a great …Read More

    Squirt is Pet-Sitting this Weekend

    Squirt is Pet-Sitting this Weekend - August 2010

    We promised to look after Pickles this weekend.  Squirt took us very literally and kept a very close eye on him! I had a lot of fun with Photoshop, and Rich and Mum-mum had fun egging me on.  First we added Zach and Cody to the party, then Goldilocks (asleep, like usual!), then Beaky, then our resident squirrel, and finally, a dove.  The caption for Peter and Carla will be, …Read More

    Time to wake up to watch for migrating birds!

    Time to wake up to watch for migrating birds! - August 2010

    It's time for our favorite window-cat birdwatchers to wake up and start thinking about birds again!  This morning a cardinal father and baby spent the whole morning chasing each other around the yard (including several stops on the porch roof, where they made lots of noise that intrigued the gatitos!) Mum-mum reported hearing a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher in her yard yesterday.  Birders on badbirdz saw Yellow Warblers at the Circle B …Read More

    Congratulations, Dyeyo D!

    Congratulations, Dyeyo D! - August 2010

    We knew you could mieu it!

    Experiments with Flash Photography

    Experiments with Flash Photography - July 2010

    I just finished reading Mastering EOS Flash Photography, the reference guide on flash that I've been looking for for several years.  It explains all about the theory and principles of flash, as well as what Canon products are required for specific kinds of shots.  It's an awesome book. So when it rained this evening, I tried to apply some of my new knowledge.  First I tried some shots of Squirt, …Read More

    Squirt’s a good calculus helper!

    Squirt’s a good calculus helper! - July 2010

    Squirt likes helping Aaron with his calculus! The problems are hard, and Aaron's solution manual is a comfortable place to sleep while Squirt waits for Aaron to get the correct answer.

    Sleeping on the Job!

    Sleeping on the Job! - June 2010

    This afternoon I observed a very light-colored House Finch at the front feeder.  The patches of light brown, almost white, on his face were intriguing, so I got out the camera for a closer look.  With my zoom lens I could see that this was a juvenile bird, molting into his male adult plumage. Goldilocks was more interested in the backs of her eyelids than in watching the bird-bird outside …Read More

    Lucky Squirt!

    Lucky Squirt! - April 2010

    I took pity on my pansy-loving kitty tonight. After replanting one of my flower beds with summer flowers from Lukas, I re-potted some of the old pansies and put them in a pot on the porch for Squirt. I got many purrs for thanks!

    Thanks for Pet-Sitting, Pickles

    Thanks for Pet-Sitting, Pickles - April 2010

    Rich and I went on vacation to Callaway Gardens this week, and our neighbors took care of Goldy and Squirt for us.  We thought we left Carla, Peter, and Aaron in charge, but apparently Pickles was the one who really kept Squirt in line:

    Hi Squirt!

    Hi Squirt! - April 2010

    Squirt is such a vocal little cat.  He's getting more vocal as he gets older, too.  Rich took this video out on the porch the other day:

    April Fool’s!

    April Fool’s! - April 2010

    Missy went for a whole day without hissing…nope, haha, April Fools! ;-)

    Bushy Tail Contest

    Bushy Tail Contest - March 2010

    The squirrel was back! He seems to be making his home around here…we keep seeing him around the feeders. So Squirt and the Squirrel had a bushy-tail contest. Who do you think won?

    Spring is coming…

    Spring is coming… - March 2010

    Squirt got his last pansies of the year (don't tell him, but we can't find them at Lowes anymore. Now he has to wait until next November for more.) We saw about 8 robins digging for worms under a tree at work this morning. They surprised us, since Rich's parents said the robins are already back up in Pennsylvania. Maybe the crazy weather is affecting the migration?

    Pansies R Us!

    Pansies R Us! - January 2010

    This is where Squirt thinks his pansies come from…and he'd like a few more, please!

    Freezing Florida Weather

    Freezing Florida Weather - January 2010

    This has been a Florida record - eight straight days of freezing weather! Rich was concerned that Squirt might get too cold in his room at night, so he made Squirt a tent over his cat bed. Squirt approves!

    Wanted: new waitress for Missy’s Diner

    Wanted: new waitress for Missy’s Diner - January 2010

    Wanted: new waitress for Missy's Diner. Qualified applicants must possess a basic knowledge of ornithology and a willingness to bird watch without knocking over every item on Mum-mum's desk. Preference will be given to felines who do not squeak at, paw at, or otherwise startle their avian customers. For more information, contact Miss Mess at 1-800-CATBIRD. (Squirt need not apply.)

    Sleeping on the job

    Sleeping on the job - January 2010

    I caught my favorite little birdwatcher goofing off on the job today…

    Christmas Cat

    Christmas Cat - December 2009

    Squirt says that I haven't posted enough pictures on this page of the backyard birdwatchers, and since I wasn't home today to photograph the birds, here's one of my favorite birdwatchers. (The orange birdwatcher was too busy being sleepy to pose for a picture!)

    Missy’s Claws

    Missy’s Claws - December 2009

    Even Mr. Squirt is likely to get presents this Christmas because the cats have an "in" with Santa…they know his wife, Missy's Claws!

    A letter to Santa

    A letter to Santa - December 2009

    Dear Santa Claws, We've tried so hard to be good kitties this year! Goldy has been a perfect angel cat, and Squirt, well, Squirt could have been bad so many more times. So please, Santa, please visit our house and bring us the following… a six-pack of pansies for Squirt's chewing pleasure a few goldyfinches to amuse us at our window a whole cup of yogurt just for Goldy! a …Read More

    First pansies of the year

    First pansies of the year - October 2009

    Oh happy day! Despite the record heat, Lowes began stocking pansies, so Squirt got his first pansy fix of the year. Then he got to spend the whole afternoon out on the porch…what more could a little kitty cat want?

    Squirt and his six-pack

    Squirt and his six-pack - February 2009

    Squirt spent the weekend relaxing on the porch in the warm sunshine. He kicked back on the grill and popped open a new six-pack…of pansies, of course!!