Feline Manipulation


Today Rich and I must admit that we are sometimes guilty of shameless cat manipulation.

Our cat Squirt has very long fur, which tends to tangle if we don’t occasionally brush him. Except he doesn’t like to be brushed. He scratches and claws and growls and bites. Rich got me leather gloves many years ago, but lately those haven’t been doing the trick. So we stooped to offering Squirt a “turk-sicle” (frozen turkey) while he is being brushed. We’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, and it works so well! Squirt grumbles a little, but he never stops licking that tuck-sicle. He also likes ham-sicles. Now when he sees me clipping Whiskey’s nails, he knows that his brushing is up next, and he comes running! Sometimes a little bribery is just what’s needed… :)

The video below may take a minute to load, but I think the chuckles will be worth the wait!