I am a Kitten

by Goldilocks and Jess

For Mum-mum, Dyeyo, and Missy

Christmas 2002

I am a kitten. My name is Goldilocks

I live in a pleasant apartment in Orlando.

Every morning when I wake up, I stretch, and then I pounce on Jessica’s feet.

I supervise the closet while Jessica gets dressed. Trying on her shoes each morning is an important part of my job.

Sometimes I help her brush her teeth and wash her face.

She makes our bed, and I tunnel under the sheets. Then I look cute and ask her to stay at home with me instead of going to work. She always says no, though.

I’m in charge of the apartment while my big sister is at work. I watch out the window and keep an eye on my world…when I’m not watching the backs of my eyelids.

But the real fun starts when Jessica comes home from work. Then we play.

I help her make dinner. I’m good at finding things in the refrigerator, and I never let her take two steps in the kitchen without remembering to feed me.

I always behave myself at the dinner table.

Then I like to look for bugs outside while Jessica watches her telenovela.

Hanger-batting is fun. It’s fun to get uder the sheet and play…Jessica calls me a sheet monster.

My Cherry Coke box is another good kitten place. I can sleep in it, or chase twist ties into it.

Cheerleaders really don’t understand the proper use of these pom-poms.

I always like finding new cat places, both high…

…and low!

I like these high stools. They’re like kitty monkey bars!

I like Jessica’s bed. It has a wonderful tunnel underneath it. I can hide there and pounce on her when she walks in!

My string is a great toy. I can play with it on my sheet…

…or steal it from Jessica when she plays with me!

I’m better than Jessica’s web camera when it comes to watching over her desk!

Life is much more interesting when I’m upside down. And Jessica really didn’t want to read this book anyway!

Jessica likes to cross-stitch and I like to help. Chewing on embroidery floss is fun.

When Jessica isn’t looking I take her floss and hide it!

I also hide beaded ornaments. Jessica thinks she found them all…I know better!

I tried to hide the Christmas tree, too, but it was just a little too big for me.

I help my sister when she puts away laundry. She appreciates the orange fur on all her work clothes!

My favorite game is my cat fish toy. I’ll chase it for hours!

Not my most dignified pose!

I like to relax in the bathtub after we play. I’m perfecting the art of the kitty-paddle.

Fishing for the shower head is fun too!

Sometimes on weekends we go and visit my sister Missy. She lives with Mum-mum and Dyeyo.

Look carefully…I’m playing behind the drawer!

We haven’t yet succeeded in our quest to get into Mum-mum’s secret room. But it makes a good game!

Mum-mum and Dyeyo have good tunnels at their house.

We like to play with computers as much as Mum-mum, Dyeyo, and Jessica do. Missy likes to play with my tail, too.

We watch for our peoples when they leave. We make a good neighborhood watch.

Missy and I play all night when I go to her house. Then we curl up in our favorite chair to sleep.

We love each other very much! At the end of a long day it’s nice to be able to curl up to sleep with my sister.