Whiskey Loopy

Waiting to Pounce

I am a kitten.  My name is Whiskey.

I live in a pleasant house in Orlando.


 Every morning when I wake up, I pounce on my brother Squirt.


Then I race down the stairs and eat my breakfast.  Sometimes I eat Squirt’s, too.


Then we play and play and play!


 Rich and Jess rescued me when I was two months old.  I was teeny tiny then.


My name was Whiskey Lou after the bar where I was abandoned.   And because I have really long whiskers.

On the Run

After seeing me bounce off the walls (literally), Jess decided that “Whiskey Loopy” was a better name for me.


Rich got me springy-thingee toys from Amazon.  I call them “loopies”, like me!


When I first came home, I had to be quarantined for a week in the bathroom. With my protests, I earned my next nickname: Squeaky.

Big Yawn

It’s very important to make yourself heard!


Sinks are actually pretty good cat places.


So are showers.  I have a strange infatuation with showers.  At least, I did until I got wet…


Rich calls me a prairie dog because of the way I sit up to play.


Jess calls me a hoodlum because of the day she tried to get me to pose inside her lens hood.  I will cooperate for food!


Squirt is my playmate and the best big brother a kitten could ever have.


Squirt has taught me everything he ever knew, like how to beg for cat food and cat water…


…and how to eat catnip on the porch…


…and how to give bear hugs…


..and how to play bat-a-bat…


…and how to relax with Rich at the end of a long day!


Squirt even shares his grill with me.  Only we found that it tips over if we both sit on the same end!

Nose to Nose

Goldy is my sister and I love her a lot.  If only she didn’t run every time I try to pounce on her!  Why don’t all cats like to romp?


All three of us love to eat pansies during the winter months.  Squirt mows the tops off, I eat the flowers, and Goldy daintily nibbles at whatever is left.


I love to bird-watch as much as Goldy does.  I can sit still and patiently stalk a bird for hours.


Rich likes to play ice hockey, and so do I.  It’s too bad that my puck melts!


A cat can never be too far from his basket of toys.


I love to play with strings.  I’ll put just about anything in my mouth!


Jess’s curtains have not been intact since I arrived.  She says it’s a good thing I’m so cute.


Cute?  Who, me?  Cute?


I don’t try to be cute.  It just happens!

Sleepy after Playtime

Jess says I am black and white and pink all over.


She also calls me the green-eyed monster.

Whiskey Loopy

I’m lucky to have found a home where I can relax and put my feet up.


Now everybody get back to playing with me!!