Thank you, Carla!

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We celebrated Squirt’s birthday this weekend – he is now eight years old!  Carla came over and surprised him with a toy cat racetrack.  You can assemble it in a bunch of different ways, then bat a ball around it.  As is often the case in our house, our kitten Whiskey took over the toy as soon as we set it up.  He had a great time with it.  Now maybe after he goes to bed, the Birthday Cat might get a chance with it…

Thank you, Carla! :)

One thought on “Thank you, Carla!

  1. Hi Jess,
    Whiskey sure looks like he’s enjoying the new toy racetrack. Did Squirt ever get Whiskey away form it long enough to give it a try? It’s so funny to watch him play. Glad he’s enjoying it.

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