I am a Kitten

by Squirt

I am a kitten. My name is Squirt.

I live in a pleasant condo in Orlando.

Every morning when I wake up, I meow my head off.

Then Rich comes in to say good morning. He growls more than my sister Goldilocks when he first wakes up.

While Rich is getting ready for work, I chase Goldilocks around the condo.

Sometimes he lets us out on the porch while he eats breakfast.

Before he leaves for work, Rich feeds us. I get really excited about that. He says that I trip him running under his feet, but I think he just needs to hurry up and put my food down for me.

While the peoples are at work, I relax in my office.

I used to stay in the bathroom, and the toilet paper was a great toy. But now I’m old enough to stay in the library.

I take cat naps in my bed, and chase my toys around the room. Rich doesn’t appreciate the cat litter that I get on the bookshelves when I try to get a book to read.

But the real fun starts when Rich and his wife Jess come home from work. Usually they let us out on the porch again, and we can bird watch.

Rich and Jess are real neat freaks. They say I get cat fur all over the carpet, so they vaccuum a lot. I like to help.

Rich likes his power tools. So do I.

Jess watches telenovelas while she cross-stitches. But I’m the king of the remote!

Goldy and I race around the condo like crazy cats. She’s too big to follow me into the cat condo, though.

One of my favorite cat toys is a twist tie. You can chase them and flick them around and shove them under doors. I like to leave them in Rich’s shoes, too.

I have to eat separately from Goldy because Rich and Jess accuse me of being a pig and eating her food in addition to mine. But what’s a growing boy supposed to do?

Rich and Jess brought me a turtle toy back from their honeymoon. It squeaks!

Rich says I’m 99% devil. But I’m such a little angel when I fall asleep with my koala!

Why do they call me a devil? Just because I nurse on them? But I’m such a sweet cat!

I’m good at getting in the sink…

…and in the shower too. But please don’t splash me!

I check my e-mail every day.

I’m very good at finding cat places. These boxes are excellent tunnels for hiding and chasing Goldy!

But I’m really a good little Diablito. The perfect mixture of purrs, mischief, soft fur, and sharp teeth!