MIA: The Pink Mouse!


For years, Squirt has liked his pink mice best of all his toys.  Rich reminds him that little boys are not supposed to like pink, but Squirt didn’t care.  Now Whiskey’s toys are the springy-thingees, and Whiskey also prefers the pink ones.  But a funny thing has been happening.  Every time we get out a new pink toy, it disappears!

We have three suspects listed in the disappearance of the pink mice…



So a few days ago I watched Whiskey chase a toy under the middle of the couch.  Supposedly Rich “cat-proofed” this hole a few years ago, making it impossible for cats to hide under there.  But although there is not enough room for a feline to fit in the space, apparently there’s plenty of room for cat toys.  I had Rich help me lift the couch and we both burst out laughing.  There were 18 mice, 5 springy-thingees, and several other cat toys under there.  Jackpot!!