Whiskey Loopy Turns Two!


It’s hard to believe, but our “kitten” Whiskey turned two today!  Happy birthday, Whiskey Loopy!  You’ve come a long way since we first adopted you

This is a recent snapshot of the birthday cat in one of his favorite poses – sitting at the window!  Our neighbors remark that they always look for the cats sitting in our windows.  Whiskey Loopy is especially fond of the frogs that jump up on his windows.  They make such good splat! noises.  They also sit patiently while young cats paw at them, pounce at them, and squeak at them. :)

Whiskey and Frog
Whiskey and Frog

Our neighbors were on vacation last week, and we took care of their birds for them.  In return, Carla brought over yummy cupcakes and a wonderful new toy for the cats.  Whiskey says that her gifts must be for his birthday!  He tried to eat a cupcake (just what an over-active young boy needs, more sugar!) and then he and Squirt had a great time with the toy.  According to the box it promotes “independence.”  Rich put two balls and two cat treats into the holes, and both boys were all over that box, playing with the balls and fishing for the treats.  Thank you, Carla, Peter, and Aaron!  Our cats don’t know how lucky they are (or how spoiled!)