May 2019 Visit to Winter Park Osprey Nest

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In mid-May, I decided that I needed to take Rich to eat at his favorite vegan restaurant, Ethos in Winter Park. Of course I had no ulterior motives….I just happened to have the Beast in the car. Plus the GPS just happened to make a small detour on the way to the restaurant. So as luck would have it, we enjoyed a brief visit to the Winter Park Osprey Nest and then Rich got his dinner. :)

I love to visit this nest because the distant trees make a beautiful background for the pretty birds. Junior was already getting big in mid-May. When we first pulled up, Mom and Junior were together on the nest. Junior is the bird in front. You can tell he’s the juvenile because of his reddish eyes.

Winter Park Osprey Nest
Winter Park Osprey Nest – Mom and Junior Osprey

As we watched, Dad flew in with a fish for Junior’s dinner. Suddenly the nest was a flurry of wings as the three birds placed the fish in the bottom and Mom started to feed Junior. Although he’s getting big, she still broke off bits and handed them to him.

I’ve never seen a baby Osprey preen as much as this one. He pulled out feather after feather, and they blew in the air around him. In this second photo below, he managed to balance a feather on the tip of his tongue, which he stuck out at his mother.

Winter Park Osprey Nest
Winter Park Osprey Nest

Maybe Mom hasn’t taught him that it’s not nice to stick your tongue out at other birds.

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  1. A small sacrifice by Rich to please your millions of adoring fans!

    That rich green background IS nice. All I can find is Osprey nests on utility poles with ugly transformers in the background.

    Hope the dinner was extra good so he won’t mind when an “accidental” delay happens again.

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