Lifer Pictures aren’t Always Great….like this Ruff!

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Last February, a rare Ruff was spotted in a retention pond near Tampa. I headed over there with hopes of a nice image of my lifer Ruff. Then I arrived and found myself staring through a chain link fence into the sun at a distant flock of shorebirds. Eventually I picked out the Ruff based on his size, but my pictures were terrible.

I downloaded a demo version of Topaz Sharpen AI, a computer program that sharpens photos based on deep learning and artificial intelligence. While this was an extreme case of trying to save an image, the software is very effective at improving sharpness. I’m looking forward to playing with it more.

Now if only Topaz would invent a utility for levitating the photographer, moving the sun, and bringing the birds closer! :)

Searching for the RuffSearching for the Ruff
Ruff in horrible photography conditions – sharped with Topaz Sharpen AI

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