Eastern Bluebird

Winter Birds at Oakland Nature Preserve

December 4, 2021 - I meandered around the meadow, enjoying the sounds of the Eastern Bluebirds and my first-of-fall American Goldfinches.... I was waiting for him to turn his head to the camera when he was photobombed by an Eastern Bluebird.... Read more


From the Birdcam: Visitors to the Birdbath

January 3, 2021 - Here's the total listing of species captured with the birdcam: American Goldfinch, Blue Jay, Brown Thrasher, Brown-headed Cowbird, Common Ground Dove, Cooper's Hawk, Eastern Bluebird, Eastern Phoebe, Gray Catbird, House Finch, Mourning Dove, Northern Cardinal, Northern Mockingbird, Orange-Crowned Warbler, Painted Bunting, Palm Warbler, Prairie Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Yellow-throated Warbler The…... Read more

Eastern Bluebird

Bluebird Housing Shortage

January 15, 2020 - I had the pleasure of watching a number of Eastern Bluebirds court and begin the process of nest-building.... Read more

Eastern Bluebird

Colorful Feathers at Oakland Nature Preserve

January 12, 2020 - You know it's going to be a good morning when your first birds are a Baltimore Oriole, an Eastern Bluebird, and a Pine Warbler together in a treetop.... The Eastern Bluebirds were singing in the bright cool morning.... Read more

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird at Goldy’s House!

April 8, 2017 -  (That's an Eastern Bluebird for those of you not acquainted with feline ornithological codes.) We are very excited to welcome this new visitor to our backyard.... Read more

Swallow-Tailed Kite. Powerline Road, Hernando County.

A Visit to the Swallow-Tailed Kites on Powerline Road

June 18, 2013 - Powerline Road is also known for Eastern Bluebirds, American Kestrels, Burrowing Owls, Eastern Meadowlarks, and Red-Headed Woodpeckers.... I love the song of the Eastern Bluebirds, so I made a video when one started singing on a powerline.... Read more

Eastern Bluebirds

January 31, 2011 - On Saturday I was driving back from Circle B when I saw these Eastern Bluebirds on CR 545 outside Winter Garden.  I did a double-take, then quickly turned around and pulled over.  I've never seen bluebirds around our house before!  Ironically, I saw these near "Red Bird Road" (haha).  I…... Read more

Callaway Gardens Trip – Spring 2010

April 15, 2010 - ...Rich and I decided to take a week off this spring to go to Callaway Gardens to see the azaleas.  With the cold winter and early spring rain, the bloom was supposed to be spectacular.  It’s also very late – so the Callaway Azalea Watch was very helpful in planning our trip. The Mountain Creek […] Read more