Odd Couple at Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

January 14, 2017 - Our best birds of the morning were the "odd couple" - a male Hooded Merganser and a female Bufflehead....  They were really far away, but how often do you see a hoodie and a bufflehead?...  (For that matter, in Central Florida, how often do you see a Bufflehead?)  This was…... Read more


My First Male Bufflehead!

February 27, 2015 - - Rich Buffleheads are fairly rare birds in Florida in winter, and I've only ever seen a couple of females....  A flock of Buffleheads regularly winters in a retention pond near the house, so Rich and I took a little drive.... Yep, that's a male Bufflehead!... Read more


Cloudy Morning Walk at Lake Morton

January 15, 2014 -  Then I noticed this female Bufflehead swimming with a bunch of Ruddy Ducks....  I've only seen a Bufflehead twice before (at Circle B and the Viera Wetlands) and this one came very close, giving me a great chance to get some pictures....  Now I really want to see a male…... Read more

Frogs for Breakfast at Viera Wetlands

December 5, 2011 - There were plenty of coots (10054 if you listen to Kathy!!), with a few Shoveler, Hooded Mergansers, and a Bufflehead mixed in.... I was happy to see the Bufflehead, who has been hanging around the wetlands for the last week or so.... I saw my first Bufflehead at Circle B…... Read more