My First Time Lapse

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Rich and I just got back from a much-needed get-away over Memorial Day weekend.  The change of pace was great!  I estimate that I’m about 15 posts behind in my blog, so you won’t see details of our trip for a week or two.  But here’s a teaser…

One of the places we visited was a beach where I used to go often as a child.  My grandparents lived nearby and I recall lots of happy hours walking this beach with my grandfather.  Yes, even as a kid, I got up early to see the sunrise! :)  Rich and I got to the beach at sunset, and even though we were on the “wrong coast” for sunset images, I liked how the light played with the rocks and illuminated the many clouds over the Atlantic.  It was high tide and very windy; the waves were choppy and frequent.  I played with my neutral density filter (a nice Xmas present from hubby!) and slow shutter speeds, which smoothed out those rough waves and made some nice images.  Then I decided to try my first time lapse project.  I set up the camera for 1-second exposures, secured it well on the tripod, and held down the shutter button for a bunch of frames.  (My own sort of manual intervalometer, since I had left my intervalometer in the car!)  When I got home tonight, I used the LRTimelapse to stitch the images together into a time lapse video.  I need to learn more about the various settings!  I really liked how the program interfaced to Lightroom.  I thought it was really cool how the finished movie shows the ebb and flow of the waves, as well as the motion of the clouds, which I hadn’t even really noticed when I was standing on the beach!  It was a very fun evening, followed by some amazing photography opportunities. Stay tuned for more! :)

Yeah, it’s a little short…but I’m learning here!  It turned out better than I expected. :)

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