Father Goose’s Cousin

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On Valentine’s Day, Rich and I had the oh-so-romantic opportunity to be stuck waiting in a parking lot for three hours.  I thought I was going to be bored silly, but the small pond next to where we sat was full of bird life.  I saw two juvenile Bald Eagles and one adult Bald Eagle vying for positions on their favorite branches. The yard was tended by a flock of White Ibis.  Muscovy ducks were all over the place, and a few geese honked and ran.   All the ducks came to me for food and were disappointed when I didn’t have any.  (I didn’t have the heart to tell them that bread isn’t good for birds.)  A trio of otters cavorted along the banks of the pond.  Then I saw the little family that melted my heart.  A Muscovy Duck mama led her brood of 15-20 babies into the pond and took them for a swimming lesson.  I heard their little chirps as they approached.  And there was Father Goose’s cousin!  I’ve always thought that the goose on Lake Morton that plays father to families of Muscovy ducks was very special and a little unique.  But here in Orlando was another goose doing exactly the same thing.  You should have seen him chase off the other geese who got too close to his babies!  With three Bald Eagles circling overhead, I was very impressed that so many babies were still with Mama.  I’m certain that it’s due to the care and vigilance of their adopted dad.  :)

Not exactly the Valentine’s Day date that we had planned, but it made us smile nonetheless! :)

2 thoughts on “Father Goose’s Cousin

  1. What an awesome “guard goose”! I had a Muscovy family living next to my driveway (I’m rural), and the feral cats were afraid of the babies. I guess because they travel as a herd; so funny to watch them waddle around. I love your posts, they’re very entertaining. Thanks!

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