Blue-winged Teal (Drake)

Viera Wetlands and Scrub Jays with my Dad

March 17, 2014 - ...Regular readers of my blog will know that my dad and I love to go out on photo expeditions together.  With my crazy work schedule, we haven’t been out much lately.  All winter I’ve been promising him a trip to Viera Wetlands.  Well, we finally went!  The wetlands were a little quiet, but we had […] Read more

Jess with a Scrub Jay on her Head!

Fun with the Scrub Jays

February 25, 2014 - ...After shooting at Viera Wetlands last weekend, my friend Michael took me to a new place, a Florida Scrub Jay trail.  I don’t have a whole lot of experience photographing Scrub Jays.  They are a threatened species, and their habitat is in decline.  I’ve photographed them at the Scrub Jay Trail at Merritt Island National […] Read more

Beautiful Morning at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

April 3, 2011 - ...After hearing  time after time about how great the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is, Dyeyo decided that he wanted to go with me and see it.  It was a pretty foggy morning, but the sun burned off the fog just as we arrived at the refuge around 8:30.  The Birdbrains have been saying that […] Read more