My First Trip to the Oakland Great Horned Owl Nest

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I was so excited when a friend shared the location of a Great Horned Owl nest – it’s practically in my backyard!  I love to watch nests and see babies grow up, but most nests are far away.  This one is close enough that I can check on it after work.  (I’ve been asked not to disclose the exact location to protect these little cuties.)

The owlets are already pretty big.  They were born in early February, so they a little over a month old.  One is a few days older than his little brother.  When I arrived at the nest this evening, the light levels were already getting low, and I had only taken my intermediate telephoto lens with me.  Later this weekend I’ll head back with the Beast and hopefully get a little more light on the nest.  Finally – it’s my turn to photograph some Great Horned Owl babies!  I’ve been watching my friends get amazing pictures while I was still feeling too sick to get out.  Now I get my turn with a nest that’s super-convenient.  I can’t wait for next spring, when I’ll be able to visit regularly and photograph courtship and early baby pictures.  I’d love to get a shot of the mother with the baby tucked up in her stomach, playing “peek-a-boo.”

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