Summer Birds at the Birdcam

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As we celebrate Labor Day and the end of summer, it’s a good time to review the backyard birdcam. This video is very different than the Spring 2023 birdcam video! Things slow down a lot in the summertime. The cardinals visit regularly for an early-morning bath. The Brown Thrasher nesting attempts failed, and they found better places to hang out. A family of House Finches became regulars. The Eastern Bluebirds hang out on the golf course but haven’t visited the yard. The best action has been in the past few days, either as a result of the changing seasons, or possibly as a result of Hurricane Idalia. In addition to my first-of-fall Painted Bunting, I’ve seen the Brown Thrasher return, along with visits from the Tufted Titmouse.

The light is definitely changing, the days are getting shorter, and I smell fall in the breeze (Rich says I’m crazy). It’ll just be a few more weeks before the warblers return!

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