First of Fall Painted Bunting 2023 – Very Early!!

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I haven’t posted in a while – it’s been HOT and I’ve been busy! I will get back into the swing of bird photography as the weather cools and the birds return to sunny FL!

But today I had a fun surprise that I just have to share. Usually my first of fall Painted Bunting comes in the first week or two of October. If you search back on the blog, you’ll see a pattern for at least the last 10 years. So you can imagine my delight when I looked out this morning (August 31) to see a male Painted Bunting at the bird bath. :)

Buntings do start to show up in this area around this time, but it’s a first for my yard. It’s also possible that this little guy found his way here yesterday as a result of Hurricane Idalia. He’s not the only one possibly misplaced by the storm. The birders on the west coast of FL are enjoying all the Flamingos showing up on the beaches today!

This little bird and I hope that all the refugees of Hurricane Idalia find shelter, a good meal, and a birdbath as they find their way back to normal.

Painted Bunting

4 thoughts on “First of Fall Painted Bunting 2023 – Very Early!!

  1. You are very lucky! I had a female painted visit my backyard last year but my crazy crew of regulars must have spooked her!
    I saw a yellow warbler and a yellow throated warbler in my backyard about an hour ago.
    I’m in Tampa and I’m always surprised how many different kinds of birds visit my tiny yard!

    1. Thanks Michele! I’ve had these beautiful birds in my yard for over 10 years now, and I still spend hours staring out the windows in amazement. I’ve heard a few warblers myself in the past few weeks, although my birdcam hasn’t caught them at the birdbath yet. Fall is definitely on the way!

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