Bow Tie is Back!

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Bow Tie

Our neighborhood Yellow-throated Warbler is back!  We call him Bow Tie because his black and white colors remind me of a tuxedo, and his bright yellow tummy is his bow tie.  We’ve seen him for the past couple of winters.  He’s one of my regular suet customers, although my first shot of him this year […]

Such a Tame Dove

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An incredibly tame dove found the extra birdseed under my seed cake feeder tonight.  I wonder if she’s the baby dove that we saw a few weeks ago in a nest at Ian’s house?  I know Mourning Doves are common, but this bird intrigued me.  She let me crouch down and use my 70-200mm lens […]

Silly Doves

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We came across two Mourning Doves on our walk tonight.  One was bigger, seemed wary of us, and flew off as we approached (“look out below!!”)  The other was smaller, and he sat watching as I squatted down to take his picture.  I wonder if he’s a relatively young dove.  He wasn’t bothered by our […]