Hurricane Matthew Update

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We were very fortunate that Hurricane Matthew stayed offshore.  We got 4 inches of rain and a long, boring day of wind.  The cats thought it was great because we brought all the patio furniture inside, giving them ample new places to hide.  Gosh they look small out on the empty porch…

Empty Porch before Hurricane Matthew. The boys didn't understand why we weren't eating outside like usual!
Empty Porch before Hurricane Matthew. The boys didn’t understand why we weren’t eating outside like usual!

The doves didn’t understand why the bird feeders were gone, either.  This dove kept landing on the empty post where my tray feeder usually resides.  I guess I was supposed to serve Birdy Breakfast on Friday morning, winds or no winds!

Where's the Bird Feeder?
Where’s the Bird Feeder?

Today was a beautiful clear day, perfect for yard clean-up.  Don’t worry, all the bird feeders are cleaned, restocked, and back outside!

We hope everyone else came through the storm ok.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew Update

  1. Happy you weathered the storm okay! Same here in Lakeland. A few branches to clean up and feeders to put back up and re-stock. Even went birding yesterday afternoon!
    We dodged a really big bullet!

  2. Glad you came through Matthew safely. Same here in P.B. county. Where I live, we only got .49 inches of rain.

    Have a lovely Sunday and a great upcoming week ~ FlowerLady

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