First of Fall Painted Bunting!


October 1 tends to be a good day in our backyard.  Often it’s the first day that we start seeing our winter Palm Warblers.  (I’ve been hearing warblers overhead for several weeks, but I’ve yet to see one.)  Sometimes October 1 brings cooler weather.  (Haha, not this year.)  Sometimes we even see a hummingbird.

This year, October 1 brought our first of fall Painted Bunting.  Apparently they’ve been seen across the county for the past couple of weeks, according to the folks at Wild Birds Unlimited.  Over the past few years, my Painted Buntings have returned to the yard around the middle of October.  So this guy is early, and I’m not complaining!

Welcome back, little birds!  Happy fall!

First of Fall Painted Bunting
First of Fall Painted Bunting