Backyard Birding

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The cats and I spent some time in our backyard in mid-August. They watched lizards and I watched birds. Everybody had fun!

The cardinals have had a productive summer. This is our third clutch of baby cardinals. We have at least two nesting pairs who bring their babies into the backyard for the safety of our hedges and the birdseed in our feeders. I caught a glimpse of Papa Cardinal feeding Baby C deep inside our beautyberry bush…

Northern Cardinal - Papa and Baby
Northern Cardinal – Papa and Baby

The cardinals aren’t the only ones raising a family in our backyard. Blue Jays, Brown Thrashers, even Eastern Bluebirds periodically stop by the birdbath. So do the Mourning Doves, whose juveniles have already learned to call “look out below” as they come in for food!

Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove

A small motion at the edge of the hedge caught my eye, and I grinned as a bunny hopped out. He too grew up in our backyard this summer. These guys always remind me of my mom’s stories of her pet rabbits.

Backyard Bunny
Backyard Bunny

The last bird sent the boys scurrying to update their life list. A Rock Pigeon may not be the most glamorous bird ever, but it does make the 62nd species that we’ve observed in our backyard. Squirt especially liked watching them – the bigger birds are easier to see as he chatters out a friendly hello!

Rock Pigeon
Rock Pigeon

One thought on “Backyard Birding

  1. Terrific set of images! Birds AND a Bunny!

    Although our back yard is pretty much a wasteland, we do maintain feeders and a bird bath. We, also, had three clutches of cardinals this year. Busy birds.

    Have a great week!

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