Birdcam Recap from Spring 2023

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It’s gotten hot out! The sweltering heat and the waning activity at my backyard birdcam inspired me to review my video archives from the spring. From bathing buntings to squabbling finches to courting cardinals to baby Brown Thrashers, my camera has caught it all! Enjoy! :)

I’ve had this still image from the birdcam in my “to post” folder for a couple of years now. I’m finally going to do it! Here’s a shot of what a birdcam captures after hours when nobody else is looking!

Raccoons at Birdcam

4 thoughts on “Birdcam Recap from Spring 2023

  1. Terrific video! I had to go make popcorn and watch it again. Love the cardinals courting. I think you may have exceeded the legal limit of Painted Buntings allowed in one birdbath.

    Enjoyed it, Jess!

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