A Rainbow of Color at Fort De Soto

April 29, 2012 - Normally I leave by mid-day since the light is so bad for photography, but I was having such a good time that I stayed for the afternoon.  I tried to use fill flash to fill in some of the harsh mid-day shadows.  After lunch, I headed to the mulberry tree…... Read more

You Know it’s Springtime at Circle B Bar Reserve if…

February 20, 2011 - But we did see two White-Crowned Sparrows, an unusally obliging Gray Catbird, and an American Bittern that posed for all to photograph!... meoaaaaw!" call coming from a tree, and stopped to find the Gray Catbird that was calling me.... (and I had to move back...gotta love The Beast!) Gray Catbird…... Read more

Happy Hallo-wren at the Circle B Bar Reserve

November 1, 2010 - Yellow-throated Warbler We heard some Gray Catbirds, but they stayed pretty hidden.... Gray Catbird On our way back, we saw a Pied-Billed Grebe in the canal at the crossroad between Heron Hideout and Marsh Rabbit Run.... Baby Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks Species list: Anhinga, American Coot, Bald Eagle, Belted Kingfisher, Black-Bellied…... Read more

Gray Catbird

Lots of Little Birds at the Circle B Bar Reserve

October 10, 2010 - Common Yellowthroat The Gray Catbirds were not as abundant as they were yesterday at Bok Tower, but they were certainly out and they certainly posed for us.... Gray Catbird Dyeyo noticed this wasp nest on Marsh Rabbit Run.... House Wren singing Species list: Anhinga, Bald Eagle, Belted Kingfisher, Black-Bellied Whistling…... Read more

Songbirds at Bok Tower Gardens

May 9, 2010 - Great-crested flycatcher We didn't see any hummingbirds, or warblers, or painted buntings.  Most of the winter songbirds have left already.  I did see this gray catbird near the visitor's center as we left.... Gray Catbird... Read more

Bird-watching at Oakland Nature Preserve

January 13, 2008 - Birds Seen Today - Painted Bunting, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Yellow-throated Warbler, Pine Warbler, Palm Warbler, Black and White Warbler, American Kestrel, Red-Shouldered Hawk, Gray Catbird, Downy Woodpecker, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Eastern Pheobe, Osprey, Blue Jay, Cardinal, Red-Wing Blackbird Red-Shouldered Hawk Great Blue Heron Yellow-Rumped Warbler Yellow-Throated Warbler Downy…... Read more