Great Backyard Bird Count Weekend!

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This weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count. Take a few minutes to count some birds in your backyard. Log them in eBird. You’ll help the bird scientists understand and protect our feathered friends.

This afternoon I totaled 20 species in my backyard despite the heavy winds. On a good day, I can tally 35 species or more. It’s amazing how many birds you notice when you start to pay attention. So get out and enjoy – and share what you see!

Gray Catbird
Gray Catbird. cat and turtle – get it? :)
Painted Bunting
Painted Bunting. I’m a Sensitive Species and so eBird doesn’t pinpoint my exact location. It helps protect me.

eBirdFind my birding list from today on eBird.

One thought on “Great Backyard Bird Count Weekend!

  1. Very nice!

    Since I am too old to create a “bird-friendly” yard, I told Gini we need to move to a house that already has such a yard. Surprisingly, she is all for it! (I may have created a monster…..)

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