We Found Woody!

June 18, 2011 - Tufted Titmouse Dyeyo was amazed at the number of cardinals all around Chinsegut.  There were so many families!  The little guys were the cutest.  This one is starting to molt into his adult (male) plumage.... Read more

Quiet Morning at the Circle B Bar Reserve

September 11, 2010 - We did stop to say hello to this Tufted Titmouse on our way out...... Tufted Titmouse So overall it was a pretty quiet morning.... Species list: Anhinga, Bald Eagle (heard), Barred Owl, Belted Kingfisher, Black-Bellied Whistling Duck, Black-Crowned Night Heron, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, Cardinal, Carolina Wren (heard), Caspian Tern, Common Moorhen,…... Read more

Springtime at Bok Tower

April 2, 2010 - Tufted Titmouse I was very excited to see this male ruby-throated hummingbird near Exedra.  He was feeding in some salvia and sitting in the same bushes where we've seen them in the past.   This is the earliest I've seen hummers at Bok.  Last April I looked for them and never…... Read more

Winter Birding at Callaway Gardens

November 27, 2008 - Orchard Oriole Junco Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (you can see the ruby crown!!) White-Throated Sparrow Chipping Sparrow Tufted Titmouse White-Breasted Nuthatch Yellow-Rumped Warbler (Female) Yellow-Rumped Warbler (Male) House Finch The Callaway Birds of Prey show is fun.... Read more