Happiness is…

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American Goldfinch

Happiness is… …watching the American Goldfinches turn yellow and play in your flowers :) … seeing the female Indigo Bunting from last weekend – she stuck around! … finally snapping a picture of the elusive Prairie Warbler who has been mocking you for the past three mornings, and as a bonus, getting to hear him sing! […]

First of Fall Painted Bunting!

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First of Fall Painted Bunting

October 1 tends to be a good day in our backyard.  Often it’s the first day that we start seeing our winter Palm Warblers.  (I’ve been hearing warblers overhead for several weeks, but I’ve yet to see one.)  Sometimes October 1 brings cooler weather.  (Haha, not this year.)  Sometimes we even see a hummingbird. This year, October 1 […]