Lawn Service

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The other night I snuck into my blind for a few minutes after I mowed the grass.  The little Palm Warblers were quick to hop out and enjoy the bugs that I stirred up with my mower.  I think they enlisted themselves to help with the yard service…

Palm Warbler with Spider
Palm Warbler with Spider

The mockingbird knows that I’ve been wanting to photograph birds on the American Beautyberry bush this fall.  He knows that I keep going out after dinner and waiting for them to hop up for a berry.  He knows he’s been avoiding me during those times.  SO I was happy when he started snacking while I was in the blind.  He finally picked up a berry, held it in his beak for about five seconds, then glared at me as if to say, “Did you get that already!?”  Then he ate it.  Yep, I got it!

Northern Mockingbird on American Beautyberry
Northern Mockingbird on American Beautyberry

I’d been in the blind for a while before the Painted Buntings ventured out.  A little “greenie” sat in the porterweed contemplating the jump to the feeder.

Painted Bunting "Greenie"
Painted Bunting “Greenie”

The light faded quickly and I had to go in.  But not before the Palm Warblers reminded me how tiny they are.  One stood next to a blade of grass that I missed with the mower.  The grass was taller than he was.  Maybe he was encouraging me to do a neater job next time! ;-)


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