Feeder Envy! – More Painted Buntings


I glanced out the kitchen window yesterday afternoon to see FIVE male Painted Buntings eating at the feeder together!  That’s the most I’ve seen together ever in the yard.  Luckily I had the Beast nearby, and luckily my motion of putting the camera in the window didn’t scare them away.  As I hit the shutter, several greenies came out to play too!

(If you don’t see the fifth male, look at the back feeder port – only his tail is sticking out!)

The male Painted Bunting on the bottom right perch of the feeder is in the middle of a molt.  He has pin feathers sticking out all over his chest.  I got a more clear shot of him as he exited the feeder cage.

Apparently his mother didn’t teach his to wipe his mouth off!  She also didn’t teach him manners.  When a greenie approached the feeder, the male Painted Bunting fussed and ran her off.  How rude!

As far as I can see, none of these birds are banded.  It’s too bad – it’d be fun to use the bands to track them from year to year.