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Wood Duck

There were lots of fun birds to photograph on my last visit to Lake Morton.  Besides the juvenile swans, there was a family of baby Limpkins, as well as the regular “menagerie” of ducks and geese.  Early mornings are always good for bath shots!  So here’s some more from Lake Morton… A pair of Black-necked Swans was added to the lake last year.  They are very pretty, and I really enjoy photographing them.  This one was splashing around and peeping to his partner.  I love the open beak in the image above! All sorts of juvenile ducks are growing up around the lake shores.  Those ducks interbreed so much that some of the juvies have some very interesting colors.  This one was pretty with his white feathers that contrast with his bright green patches. Lake Morton is a good place to go to photograph Wood Ducks.  These birds are usually secretive and hard to approach, but at Lake Morton, they are used to people.  I saw plenty of juvenile male Wood Ducks during my visit.  Their molting feathers aren’t quite as impressive as their parents’ feathers!  This adult posed near me, and the calm waters made for a perfect reflection […]