Beyond the BackyardFort De Soto

A Stop at the Fort De Soto Pier

While we were at Fort De Soto last weekend, I told Rich that we needed to stop at the Gulf Pier to look for dolphins, and maybe sea turtles.  Rich went along, but didn’t expect to see much.  When we arrived, we were seeing dolphins every five seconds!  They are hard to photograph, though, because they dive so quickly.  You barely have time to focus on them before they go back under water.  Nor can you pre-focus, since they don’t always come up at the same spots  But I did get some fun shots…

There were tons of Brown Pelicans at the Fort De Soto pier.  It was kinda fun to watch them dive for fish.  This one unfortunately has had an encounter with a fisherman.  Look at his pouch!

It’s fun to watch the birds at the pier.  They are so fast to grab the fish away from the fisherman.  It’s a great place if you want to get action shots…as long as you’re not a fisherman than wants to keep his fish!