Finally! I Photographed a Painted Bunting at the Circle B Bar Reserve!

February 13, 2011 - I did see this Swamp Sparrow hop up on a branch and and look right at me.... Swamp Sparrow Towards the Wading Bird Way end of the trail, I started seeing Ospreys fishing.... Yellowthroat, Common Grackle, Common Moorhen, Double-crested Cormorant, Eastern Meadowlark, Eastern Phoebe, Fish Crow, Glossy Ibis, Gray Catbird,…... Read more

My First Orange-Crowned Warbler at the Circle B Bar Reserve

January 30, 2011 - This Swamp Sparrow said goodbye as we left, posing on a nice open branch with good bokeh.... "See you next weekend!" Swamp Sparrow Species List: American Bittern, American Coot, American Goldfinch , American Robin, American White Pelican, American Wigeon, Anhinga, Bald Eagle (heard), Barred Owl (heard), Belted Kingfisher, Black-and-White Warbler,…... Read more

Swamp Sparrow

Frosty Morning at the Circle B Bar Reserve

December 29, 2010 - Blue-Winged Teal The morning was quite pretty after the fog cleared up.  I took some bracketed exposures for HDR at one of my favorite locations, standing on the Heron Hideout trail looking out towards Wading Bird Way.  I did some panoramas there last week, showing all the birds roosting there…... Read more