Northern Shoveler

Lakeland Christmas Bird Count 2014

December 21, 2014 - As the sun peeked over the horizon and dazzled the land with its rays, our count leaders strategized and I slipped down to the water's edge to photograph a few Northern Shovelers that were near the shore.... Read more

Another Great Sunrise at the Circle B Bar Reserve

January 9, 2011 - Great Blue Heron flight I saw some ducks taking off, and got my first Northern Shovelers in flight picture.  These birds are so funny with their fat beaks.  They've gotten more and more common on Wading Bird Way, now coming close enough to the path to get pretty good pictures. …... Read more

Bitterns Saying Hello at Circle B Bar Reserve

January 7, 2011 - American White Pelican Panorama Wading Bird Way was covered in Limpkins, almost all feeding on apple snails.  A Northern Shoveler was very close to the path, closer than I've ever gotten one before.  Then I had to turn around and head back...... Northern Shoveler Species List: American Bittern, American Coot,…... Read more

Northern Shoveler

Frosty Morning at the Circle B Bar Reserve

December 29, 2010 - A pair of Northern Shovelers was feeding out in the water on the west side of Wading Bird Way.  I reveled in my newly extended focal length (500mm + 1.4x teleconverter on a 7D body = 1120mm effective focal length!!) and got some decent shots.  The sun was reflecting nicely…... Read more

Northern Shoveler

Beautiful Morning at the Circle B Bar Reserve

December 22, 2010 - American White Pelicans We saw a small group  of Northern Shovelers not too far away from the trail.  They didn't want to cooperate for a picture, though.  They were more intent on sticking their heads in the water to hunt for their breakfasts.... Northern Shovelers A lone American White Pelican…... Read more

Northern Shoveler

Skies Filled with Birds at the Circle B Bar Reserve

November 28, 2010 - Otter I finally saw the Northern Shovelers at the intersection of Marsh Rabbit Run and Wading Bird Way.... I don't recall seeing these birds before (if I did last year, I didn't know what they were.) Northern Shovelers I spotted several terns flying overhead, including what I think was a…... Read more