My 2022 Obsession: Turtles Cross-stitch!

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In 2022, I found myself spending less time with birds and more time with another hobby. After finishing my Esperanza cross-stitch, I started an even bigger design for Rich. We have a big anniversary coming up, and we have an empty wall in the family room that needs more turtles! When I began this project in March, I had no idea how much I would enjoy it. :)

The original artwork for this image was a puzzle by Sherry Vintson. I adapted the picture to a cross-stitch design. It’s a 182,000 stitch full coverage piece that I did on 25-count Easy Grid fabric. Yep, 25-count means 25 stitches per inch. Rich calls this “high definition cross-stitch”. It’s so much fun!!!

Turtle Hatchlings Cross-stitch

I took a picture every time I completed another 1% of the design. Then I stitched the images together to make a time lapse video. It’s like a scrapbook because I can always remember what I was doing when I stitched each part.

I completed the final stitches on New Year’s Eve. Rich and I stared at my masterpiece for a long time. Then he said “It’s amazing. Now you get to do it again. I want one for my office for my birthday!”

Um, I think the only suitable response is “Yes dear!”

How can anybody cross-stitch without a cat on her stomach?

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