An Update on the Snow Leopard Cross-stitch


I’ve been making major progress on the Snow Leopard cross-stitch since the last time I posted a picture.  I’ve filled in the bottom left corner, and added a bunch of the snowy branch detail.

This Snow Leopard cross-stitch design is a kit from the Dimensions Gold collection.  The kit came with Aida cloth, but I opted to stitch it on off-white linen instead.  I’ve been using a technique called “railroading“, which helps to make all the stitches lie flat.  At first it took a long time, but I’m getting faster with it.  I like how this design incorporates half stitch for the snow, with varying numbers of strands to add additional texture.  Some of the stitches are blended colors, too.  There’s a close-up below.

Here’s another close-up.  This one is of the sweet nose that “helps” me each time I sit down to cross-stitch.  It’s attached to the kitten who loves to eat embroidery floss!  Thanks, Whiskey…