Poor Squirt!!

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Rich and I were saddened to walk into Pansies-R-Us (a.k.a. Lowes) yesterday to discover that the garden center is now stocking marigolds instead of pansies!  Squirt is mourning the loss of his favorite “leafy greens.” He likes the warmer weather out on his porch, but he feels that the pansies have been taken away too early this year.  Poor kitty cat!

2 thoughts on “Poor Squirt!!

  1. Hi Jess. Great website and blog. My son is staying in Cape Coral and I have been looking at your photos to see what birds he is likely to see. Also, love the cross-stitch!

    1. Hi Jenny, thanks for leaving a comment – it’s always nice to hear from new readers. Tell your son to keep an eye out for the burrowing owls in Cape Coral. I hope to make a trip there later this spring to photograph the babies. I’ve been told there are tons of burrows there!

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