Sunrise from Orlando Wetlands

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This sunrise image was taken on Saturday at Robert’s photography workshop.  He had us photographing the front-lit cabbage palms at first, probably because there were clouds on the horizon and the backlit sunrise against the trees wouldn’t be so impressive.  Then we noticed the sun peeking through the clouds, creating beautiful rays of light.  I learned something useful from Robert and this image: do not use auto white balance at sunrise.  It skews the colors in your image.  I applied the “cloudy” white balance setting in my post-processing and liked the sky hues a lot better.

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2 thoughts on “Sunrise from Orlando Wetlands

  1. Beautiful!!! I remember thinking to myself that the sunrise is going to rock when the sun hits the gap in the clouds. I didn’t have any time this weekend to process my images from Saturday, but when I get home, this one will be the first one I look at.

    That’s good advice on the AWB setting in camera. I wonder if changing the WB to Cloudy in ACR is as effective?

    1. I think changing the WB in ACR is fairly comparable. The WB value is something I’ll be experimenting with the next time I shoot sunrise.

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