Similar but Different


Yesterday I posted a picture of sunrise at Orlando Wetlands.  The sun was peeking through the clouds thick on the horizon, and several minutes after sunrise, the light peeked through the clouds and created “God rays” of light.  The primary tones were oranges, which contrasted with the blacks of the trees in silhouette.  Today’s image is also from Orlando Wetlands, not too far from where I took yesterday’s image.  The images are very different, despite their similar locale.  Today’s image was taken on a crisp cold morning, with no clouds in the sky.  The sun came up as a bright red orb behind the trees, and the upper sky remained clear and blue.

I must confess to using Flaming Pear’s Flood filter on the water here.  The water was still and the reflections of the cabbage palms were beautiful that morning, but the water was very murky and there was a lot of “stuff” floating on top.  So I replaced the ugly water with pretty water.  The result is closer to the image that I saw in my mind’s eye as I composed this shot.

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