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December 2013 Will Be a Good Month!

I recently received my copy of the Charlotte Harbor Estuary Program calendar, which features one of my images for December 2013.  It was so cool to see my own picture in their calendar!  The Circle B Bar Reserve is part of the Charlotte Harbor Estuary area, even though CBBR is so far inland that most people don’t associate it with Charlotte Harbor.  So we tried to submit lots of good Circle B pictures for the calendar this year.  I guess we succeeded – there are at least five other photographers whose Circle B work was included.  Nice! :)

4 thoughts on “December 2013 Will Be a Good Month!

    1. Thanks! Yes, this is the one that was a Finalist in the Small in the Frame category. It’s one of my favorite CBBR images as it really captures the “birdy” feel of the place during a good winter. Hopefully this winter will be one of those! :)

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