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A Productive Afternoon Walk!

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I was feeling tired this morning, so I slept in instead of heading to Fort DeSoto to watch for migrant birds.  As much as I wanted to photograph Indigo Buntings, I wasn’t too sorry that I stayed home.  Rich and I were driving down Stoneybrook West Parkway when I noticed an adult Bald Eagle and what appeared to be a juvenile Bald Eagle sitting in the pine trees by Whispering Oak Elementary.  I thought I might have seen a nest back in those trees earlier this winter, but the nest shown on Eagle Nest Locator as active for this year is by Walgreen’s.  We went home, got The Beast, then returned to the pine trees.  There was indeed a nest, with a juvenile Bald Eagle on it!  I didn’t see either of the parents, but the juvenile stood there and called to them, posing nicely for me in the front of the nest.  How cool!  To think I’ve had a pretty accessible nest so close to home all winter… We’ve been seeing Purple Martins flying over our heads each evening as we walk down by Black Lake.  I’ve been wondering where those birds nest, since I haven’t noticed any Purple […]