Feeding Time for the Purple Martins

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It was a quiet morning on the south shore of Lake Apopka. Overhead I heard the chattering calls of Purple Martins. I located four of them sitting in the top of a tall tree. Periodically they would dart out, fly around, and then return to the tree to rest. I positioned myself on a good sun angle and waited for the next flight shots. I’ll confess that there was a small bit of squealing when I saw the images on my computer…

It was a juvenile Purple Martin who flew out from the tree. He met Mom in mid-air. Mom had a tasty dragonfly for him. He hovered briefing as she flew in for the handoff.

Purple Martins
Purple Martins – Mom has a tasty snack for the juvenile

The handoff happened very quickly. On my next frame, Mom was flying off, and the baby had a mouth full of dragonfly! A second juvenile joined the flight party.

Purple Martins
Purple Martins – Swallowing a Dragonfly in mid-air!

The dragonfly disappeared quickly. The juvie had it in this next frame, then it was gone in the following image. gulp!

Purple Martins
Purple Martins – Where’s Mine? I didn’t get one!

A few seconds later, both juvies flew in the opposite direction, probably off to find Mom to beg for some more breakfast. It takes a lot of bugs to feed a growing Purple Martin!

Purple Martins
Juvenile Purple Martins

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