Black-and-white Warbler

+1 for the Backyard Bird List!

October 30, 2021 - Whiskey and Squirt inherited their Backyard Life List from Goldilocks, and this week they were proud to add a new entry: Black-and-white Warbler.... Read more

Black-and-white Warbler

Migrants at Fort De Soto

June 21, 2021 - American Redstart - Female Black-and-white Warbler Cape May Warbler Magnolia Warbler Northern Parula I couldn't write about my migrant-watching without mentioning a special family.... Read more

Hooded Oriole

2019: Photographic Year in Review

December 31, 2019 - Around Lake Apopka: House Wren, Black-and-white Warbler, Blue-winged Teals mating, Black-necked Stilt, Sunset, Pied-billed Grebe with Chicks, Black-throated Blue Warbler, Least Bittern, Fulvous Whistling-duck, Barn Swallow, Black-necked Stilt chick, Purple Gallinule chick I made it over to Fort De Soto during spring migration and was rewarded with a rainbow of…... Read more

Black-and-white Warbler

More Migrant Songbirds at Fort De Soto

May 5, 2014 -  (As I write this post, I just noticed a male Redstart in my own backyard - nice!) This female Black-and-white Warbler taught me a good lesson: never go to Fort De Soto for a weekend trip and forget to bring a copy of Sibley's with you!!...  I kept hoping I'd…... Read more

Callaway Gardens Vacation: Part 5 – Migrating Warblers!

August 30, 2011 - ...The Beast was napping in his case when Rich and I were hiking in the Azalea Bowl at Callaway Gardens last week.  I had the wide-angle lens on the camera, somewhat disappointed at the meager number of birds that we’d managed to find on our vacation.  So I put on a warming filter and concentrated […] Read more

My First Orange-Crowned Warbler at the Circle B Bar Reserve

January 30, 2011 - I was especially excited to see the Black-and-White Warbler.... Prairie Warbler Yellow-Throated Warbler Black-and-White Warbler We checked for the rails at the Heron Hideout/Marsh Rabbit Run intersection, but we only saw a Sora.... "See you next weekend!" Swamp Sparrow Species List: American Bittern, American Coot, American Goldfinch , American Robin,…... Read more

Beautiful Morning at Fort De Soto

November 23, 2010 - ...Dyeyo and I visited Fort De Soto this morning. After my last trip there in September, I was looking forward to beaches covered in birds. But the North Beach was almost totally empty! We ran into a nice couple from England who have been vacationing at De Soto for the last month. They said that […] Read more

Circle B Migrants

September 19, 2010 - ...I felt like playing with Photoshop today, so I made another warbler and migrant bird collage. These little birds are usually high in the oak canopies, and it’s hard to get great pictures of them. They also hop around really fast. You come home with a stiff neck and then squint at your pictures, asking […] Read more

Springtime at Bok Tower

April 2, 2010 - ...Last year Rich and I went to Bok Tower a few weeks after the azaleas bloomed, and I was mad to have missed the blooms.  So this year we went while the azaleas were in bloom.  They were pretty, but not as dramatic as what we expect to see at Callaway Gardens in a few […] Read more