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Cranky the Turtle

    Cross-stitch complete on Cranky the Turtle

    Cross-stitch complete on Cranky the Turtle - May 2010

    I finished the cross-stitch portion of my current project, nicknamed Cranky the Turtle.  (When I took his picture, he kept turning his back on me - very cranky indeed!) I worked on this really intensely from January through March, then finished it up in the past two weeks or so.  Now all I have left is to outline the turtle in backstitch, to help it stand out a bit more …Read More

    Four corners!

    Four corners! - March 2010

    I've reached another milestone mark in my Cranky the Turtle cross-stitch.  I finished the third fin and the fourth corner. Now I just have to fill in the middle!

    Three corners finished

    Three corners finished - March 2010

    Another big milestone in Cranky the Turtle - the bottom left corner is conquered! It's fun to see the turtle as I fill in his tummy, too. Rich is excited that Fin #3 is coming so quickly after Fin #2.

    Fin Number Two

    Fin Number Two - March 2010

    OK, Rich, Cranky the Turtle has his second fin.

    Halfway there

    Halfway there - February 2010

    I'm officially half done and the background really makes the turtle pop! It's going to look even better after I backstitch the turtle outline (especially around the mouth).

    More Water

    More Water - February 2010

    More progress on the water…the blue and gray colors are growing on me. The shading in the background is intricate enough to keep it interesting.

    Water, water, everywhere

    Water, water, everywhere - January 2010

    More progress on the water…I reached the top of the design!

    Right edge reached

    Right edge reached - January 2010

    The turtle's top fin is complete and so is the water around it (which is good, because turtles don't like their skin to dry out!) Rich is concerned that the turtle only has one fin and can therefore only swim in circles…which Rich proceeds to imitate in hilarious fashion. More fins, coming up!

    Beginnings of a fin

    Beginnings of a fin - January 2010

    I've done more on Cranky the Turtle.  I've added more definition in the neck and fin, and it makes this turtle look like he's getting ready to swim.

    He has a head

    He has a head - January 2010

    I started stitching at the center, which works out to be the turtle's fin-pit. At first I thought the design had no potential at all, but as I worked my way over to the eye, the detail in the neck and face started to look better. So I guess you can tell it's a turtle now.

    Introducing Cranky the Turtle

    Introducing Cranky the Turtle - December 2009

    I began a new cross-stitch project today.  I took one of my turtle pictures, ran it through my PC Stitch cross-stitch pattern making program, and generated a design.  This one is 300×200 stitches and one of the biggest projects I've ever done. Here is the original picture: This is the preview that my cross-stitch program gave me for this design.